ke bright things just like birds. Generally speaking, women’s aesthetics are no different from those of birds.”

“I’m not bald and have three chins! If I were bald and have three chins, would you like me?” Qin Yanan blurted out.
“No, it’s too ugly.”
“Then what you just said”
/“I said that is the aesthetics of birds and women. I am not a bird or a woman. Didn’t you see that men with bald heads and three chins are often accompanied by beautiful women, so there is essentially nothing wrong with what I said.”
“Let’s end the topic of wattled starlings, thank you.” Qin Yanan said calmly to Mrs. Liu.
“The chin of the wattled starling will be absorbed after the breeding period. This is the focus of my research. It involves new ideas for treating cancer. It regenerates hair when it is bald. Of course, it can be studied whether it can be used to cure baldness in humans. Question. According to our traditional approach, it is probably just a simple and crude idea to eat the wattled starlings, but they are basically distributed in central and southern Africa.” Liu Changan paused and looked at a dark cave in the distance, ” The most important thing is that most starlings like to breed in caves, and since there is a lot of starling droppings here, we can find a cave without surprise.”
Only then did Qin Yanan realize why Liu Changan had been talking about starlings. It turned out that he was looking for a cave. What he meant was that the coffin was probably sent into this cave?
It was of great significance to human history that primitive humans went into caves to live, and it was even more significant when humans came out of caves.
This entry and exit related to caves has existed throughout human history.
Leaving the mother’s belly and entering the tomb is a person’s life.
There are many things in the development of the analogy that are difficult to describe.
Liu Changan looked at the cave in front of him, smelling the starling droppings, and walked over step by step.
A gust of wind blew out of the cave, bringing with it a hint of moisture and coolness.
“There is a Yin River under the cave. The Yin River in Gongjiajie is rich in salamanders and whitebait, and they are both delicious.” Liu Changan reminded Qin Yanan, “But there are also mysterious water beasts, in the world of underground caves and underground rivers, and outside. It’s a completely different ecology. Although the chance is very small, if you fall and get eaten by a water beast, it will take you through underground waterways and even water eyes deep in the earth’s crust. There are only a few of them for thousands of thousands of years. Maybe we won’t even get out.”
“Actually, mankind has not even explored one percent of the earth.” Qin Yanan sighed while following Liu Changan’s footsteps, “The coffin was really hoisted up by a helicopter, right?”
“Not necessarily. Some time ago, a group of bats kept coming to spy on me. I caught some of them and ate them in the coffin.” Liu Changan walked to the entrance of the cave, “Can you see clearly inside?”