idn’t believe it, so she held her breath and pressed her chest to calm down for a while, then she approached the table again, put her chest on the table, and said in a low voice: “My cousin helped me sell the gold coins, guess what?” How much did it sell for?”

“No guess.” Liu Changan was not interested and drank tea.
Even though Bai Hui was in a good mood, she still felt out of breath, but she recovered quickly. She just felt that she was really out of her mind. Except for her cousin who knew about such important good news earlier than she did, she didn’t know it. He didn’t think about telling Miao Yingying, but found Liu Changan first.
“That Augustine gold coin was sold for 1.5 million!” Bai Hui said this number and felt a rain of RMB falling in front of his eyes, and he was bathed in this sacred, beautiful, and representative of the highest truth in the world. In the rain.
“Congratulations.” Liu Changan continued to drink tea.
“It’s RMB! Not Zimbabwean currency!” Bai Hui excitedly grabbed Liu Changan’s hand holding the tea cup.
Liu Changan opened Bai Hui’s fingers one by one. The little girl was not tall, but her fingers were quite long.
“This news is also hype. I see, these gold coins were thrown out by the little blond girl. Just ask her how many there are. Wouldn’t you know? If she doesn’t tell, then it means that this kind of collectible coins is being speculated. Maybe it’s her.” Liu Changan analyzed casually, even though he knew that he was just talking nonsense. Bai Hui couldn’t speculate in coins anyway, and it wasn’t investment advice for her.
“It doesn’t matter, I have so much money anyway.” Bai Hui carefully held down her bag and put it close to Liu Changan’s ear, “I’ll take it.”
Liu Changan felt the heat in her mouth with his ears, and reached out to hold her face and push it away, “Even if you move your mouth and say lip language, I can still understand.”
/Bai Hui didn’t care, she really just moved her mouth. After all, this was a very important thing that required extreme vigilance.
“You’re out of your mind. Why do you want to take 200,000 cash with you when you have nothing to do?” Liu Changan shook his head, “It’s heavy and inconvenient.”
Bai Hui anxiously grabbed Liu Changan again, and quickly looked left and right nervously, wary of whether there were any greedy eyes watching this little rich woman of hers.
“It doesn’t matter. When you drink coffee at Starbucks, you hear that some people have started a business and raised hundreds of millions of venture capital, and some people control funds worth billions. Aren’t they all chatting and laughing, just normal?” Liu Changan didn’t take it seriously.
“This is cash!” Bai Hui said through lip language.
/“How can I let others rob you?” Liu Changan dismissed it and drank tea.
Only then did Bai Hui think that he was nervous, but he didn’t seem to be really scared or uneasy. Liu Changan was indeed a boy who could give people a sense of security. Just like in Window of the World, no matter he was a wretched young man, , or the ghosts in the ha