nk his body, jumped to Xu Ying’s other shoulder, stared dimly ahead, and thought to himself: “A Ying is finally going to kill Master Shi, will you become the leader yourself?”

Immortal Sword Si Wuxie noticed his evil thoughts and resisted the thought of killing his evil thoughts, thinking: “Why do the magic weapons around the Supreme Elder all have evil thoughts?”
At this time, bursts of noise suddenly came from the front, people were shouting, sword energy was everywhere, and the extraordinary sword intent could be felt from a distance. There was also the faint sound of playing swords and singing, which was quite heroic in the Bashu area!
“One farewell to the capital and three changes to the fire, the end of the world has left the world of mortals. Still a smile makes spring warm.
“There is no wave in the ancient well, but there is Qiuyun in it.
“The melancholy sails all night long to see me off in the pale moonlight. There is no need for green eyebrows in front of you.
“Life is like an adverse journey, and I am also a traveler! Jianmen, after three thousand years of separation, I am back! Qing’er, do you still remember being a teacher?”
When Xu Ying heard this, his heart was slightly shaken: “As a teacher?”
“Wuxie, have you heard this sound?” Xu Ying asked.
The fairy sword Si Wuxie vibrated, and a sword light shot out from the tip of the sword, transforming into a small sword boy. His voice was a little trembling, and he said: “I am very familiar. He is the former head of Shushan Sword Sect, Tao Danyang’s voice !”
/The sword boy floated in the air, followed Xu Ying steadily, and said: “Three thousand years ago, I sensed that terrible evil thought, but I didn’t hear its voice or see its face. I feel that he is a little familiar, it must be Jian The man in the door has been lurking in the mountains for a long time. He can hide his evil thoughts, but I never thought that it would be him!”
Tao Danyang has been in charge of the Shushan Sword Sect for a thousand years. He is the longest-reigning leader and is highly respected.
He is also the person who has practiced swordsmanship to the highest level in the history of the Sword Sect, ranking among the top five or even the top three among the leaders of the past generations.
If there was no super catastrophe, he would definitely be able to overcome the catastrophe and ascend, become a sword immortal, and become the most dazzling figure in the history of Sword Sect!
Unfortunately, the super calamity cut off his path to ascension.
As the fairy sword guarding Shushan Sword Gate, Tao Danyang naturally has the power to use the fairy sword Si Wuxie. He held the fairy sword more than once, but Si Wuxie never felt that he had any evil thoughts!
/All Si Wuxie could feel from him was Quanquan’s innocent heart, as pure and innocent as a baby, without any evil thoughts.
The center of his sword is as clear as a mirror, the intention of his sword is as fast as the wind and the fierce fire, and it is as upright as the sword, just like his people, and cannot tolerate any