low Taoist, I haven’t had time to ask for advice yet. Dao Dao, who is my friend?”

The old man fed the man in the coffin to drink the water from the Yaochi. Deep in Fengdu Mountain, there was suddenly an inexplicable vibration, like a heartbeat, a thump, and then another sound.
An inexplicable force awakened from the mountain, as deep as the underworld and as majestic as Fengdu. This force became stronger and stronger, lingering around the man!
The man slowly opened his narrow eyes, and a heavy voice suddenly sounded from the darkness between heaven and earth.
“In ancient times, people called me Beiyin and Fengdu, and they called me emperor.”
He was wearing a red and black robe, with the shapes of all the heavens and worlds embroidered on the hem, and his aura was getting stronger and stronger.
The old man beside the coffin suddenly grew bigger and taller, and his robes shrouded Fengdu. He turned into a soul that stood tall and upright, standing in the sea of ????underworld, with his head touching the dark sky!
He exudes tremendous divine power and stirs up the underworld!
The mark of the fairy sword inserted into His chest is also gradually fading!
/Suddenly, the light of the fairy sword became extremely bright, the sound of the sword vibrated, and it stabbed deeper into the man’s chest with all his strength!
Suddenly, the sea water surged into the sky around Fengdu Mountain, lightning flashed and thunder roared. Countless star souls rose from the sea, shaped like countless huge stars, and countless ghosts lived on those stars!
At this time, the star souls were flying around the clear oil lamp in the old man’s hand, the stars were lingering, and countless voices came from the old man’s mouth, overlapping together, deafening.
“I am the Great Emperor of Beiyin, the Emperor of Beitai, and the Lord of Fengdu as people call it! I am the emperor in charge of the Netherworld and Heavenly Way, a spirit born from the spiritual roots of Fengdu’s heaven and earth, a born god, and the one who manages billions of star souls!”
Just a buzzing sound was heard, and extremely bright lights shone. On countless stars, ghosts of all sizes worshiped and called the name of the God of the Underworld.
Their calls and the prayers of ghosts and gods turned into majestic magic power, reviving the heavenly path of Minghai and making the spiritual roots of Fengdu Mountain bright again!
In the Fengdu Dojo, the broken statues of gods are constantly recovering in the strong wind and thunder, and the palace seems to go back in time, falling down and standing up again!
The old man with the same height as Fengdu Mountain was dressed in fierce clothes, and his robes were spinning around Fengdu. The earth-shattering voice came: “People are calling my name in death, awakening me from the darkness, and my green light will shine on them, Lead them to be reborn in the star soul after death!”
The power of the gods in Fengdu is getting stronger and stronger, and the imprint of the fairy sword is getting brighter and brighter.
There wa