pressing down on the maple leaf boat!

Xu Ying hurriedly paused his fingers, and the huge finger coming from the sky also paused.
Xu Ying retracted his finger, and the finger that held up the sky also shrank toward the sky, and finally disappeared.
Xu Ying was so shocked that he broke into a cold sweat.
Da Zhong breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Space magic is not something you can play casually. Be careful and you will die of it. Be more honest!”
Xu Ying sat obediently in front of the water basin. When the maple leaf boat slowed down, he blew a breath to speed up the boat.
However, he had the mentality of a young man after all, so he quietly stretched out his fingers into the basin, and his fingers from the sky reappeared, reaching into the sky.
“My fingers are so big!” Xu Ying exclaimed.
He adjusted his position so that Tianwai’s fingers avoided the river, and he leisurely admired his big fingers. Suddenly there was a loud bang, and the finger hit a mountain. Xu Ying felt pain in his finger and quickly stopped his hand, only to see that the tip of his finger had been bruised and bleeding.
On the left bank of the Nai River, a mountaintop exploded, and the rocks were emptied and flew dozens of miles away.
Xu Ying was shocked and didn’t dare to play.
Seeing him deflated, the big clock couldn’t help laughing happily and clanging.
The Maple Leaf boat traveled eastward for more than a thousand miles and came to a desolate place with steep mountains and a fast-flowing Nai River. The Maple Leaf boat arrived at a bend in the river and the water slowed down. Suddenly there was light coming from ahead, but it was a painted boat with bright lights, traveling on the Nai River.
/At the river bend, the water surface is as wide as the sea, and a big moon hangs on the western mountain. The mountain peaks appear much smaller than the moon.
Xu Ying secretly praised that this underworld atmosphere has a different kind of beauty.
“A Ying, not all boats can sail on the Nai River.”
The big bell whispered, “I’m afraid that the person who comes to this boat is not good-natured.”
Suddenly, a voice came from the boat: “Nayue, the wind is tight on the river, hang up a lantern to protect yourself from the wind.”
The woman’s voice: “Yes, Mr. Xiang.”
Xu Ying looked around and saw a woman walking out of the boat with a hand-held lantern. She had a graceful figure and raised her toes to hang the lantern under the eaves.
The lantern was hung up, and suddenly the strong wind stopped, and the maple leaf boat slowly stopped and floated on the water.
Xu Ying raised his eyebrows but said nothing.
At this time, the “Xiang Gongzi” in the painting boat walked out, looked at Xu Ying from a distance, and said in surprise: “The person who whipped the God of Plague in Zhu Du Kingdom and drove the God of Plague back to the world of heaven is actually a young boy.”
Another painting boat came, and a beautiful woman in the painting said with a smile: “Mr. Xiang, he was caught in the wind by your lantern, and he was at a loss. He is obvious