Yuhu frowned and thought to himself: “My orthodoxy in the mortal world really needs a teaching-suppressing immortal weapon. Other sects have a teaching-suppressing immortal weapon. If I don’t have one, wouldn’t it be a shame?”

He hesitated for a moment, then threw down a jade pot. The fairy pot floated in the air, as if one end was in the fairy world and the other in the mortal world. It was extremely magical.
The idiot Ah Fu laughed and clapped his hands: “Bao, Bao!”
Yuhu Zhenren said: “My master requires you to go to the Cangwu Abyss. When you arrive at the Cangwu Abyss, you will throw up this fairy pot, sacrifice it in the air, and then shout into the abyss, Cangwu old bastard. Others. Yes, you don’t have to worry about it.”
The fairy pot fell from the sky and landed in front of Feng Xian’er and fool Ah Fu.
The fool Ah Fu suddenly burst out with fairy light in his hand, turned into a fairy inscription with the word “prison”, and printed it on the fairy pot.
Master Yuhu’s eyes widened when he saw the fool holding the immortal pot, carrying the Hutian Zhengdao Sutra and a gourd of Hunyuan elixir, grabbing Feng Xian’er’s hand and running away!
Master Yuhu was furious and activated the immortal pot. The immortal pot lost its sensitivity and activated the immortal clothes. But the next moment, the immortal clothes also lost their induction and was suppressed by that brainless Ah Fu!
/Master Yuhu was so angry that he was trembling all over. After a long while, he cursed angrily: “The untouchables in the lower world dare to deceive Master Xian’s magic weapon. Is there any justice left? Don’t let me find you, or I will destroy all nine of your tribes!”
The fool Ah Fu took Feng Xian’er and rushed out of the Taixu Cave. Feng Xian’er’s heart was pounding, but she saw the fool A Fu threw the elixir, fairy clothes and fairy pot to her, and then lay down on the grave, doing nothing.
/Feng Xian’er worriedly said: “We have deceived that immortal so many treasures, what if he goes down to the next world?”
The fool Ah Fu said calmly: “In the fairy world, he is a dragon, in the lower world, he is an insect. He dares to go down to the lower world.”
A fierce light flashed in his eyes: “I have a thousand ways to make him live but not die.”
The original world.
An extremely ancient god sits cross-legged between heaven and earth, with a huge body and thousands of heads and arms.
Thousand-head pagoda, with one head at the top, three heads at the bottom, and nine heads at the bottom, stacked like a pagoda.
His thousand arms are stretched out, holding various heavenly books of merit. Some books say that doing things will bring merit, and some books write that doing things will reduce merit.
Other heavenly books of merit are blank without any words.
He is the God of Heavenly Virtue.
This god came to the Chuyuan world and has been sitting still for more than ten days. People in the Chuyuan world have heard that there is a god who has descended to the world and wants to teach people the book of merit.
In the pas