sics and the Tiangong Sect’s master’s token, she had no words or deeds to teach him, so he could only rely on him to explore alone.

He hated his senior sister for not teaching him the knowledge of Tiangongmen, he hated his senior sister for not being able to avenge his teacher, but instead helped his enemy to refine Hojing, and he hated his senior sister for leaving when he needed her most, leaving him to face the dangers of the world alone.
He hated his senior sister for abandoning him and hated the hostility of this world. When Wei Xu distorted the world and swallowed up all the Qi Refiners, he also transferred his hatred for Wei Xu to Zhu Chanchan.
Only by killing Zhuchanchan can the hatred be freed.
It’s a pity that the Tiangongmen classics he has been groping and practicing for these years are still weaker than Zhuchanchan. Six thousand years of enlightenment is still not as good as the hundreds of years of practice of his senior sister.
He felt that he was always weak and a weak young man in front of this senior sister.
There are fewer and fewer magic weapons that the man in the bamboo hat can control, and there are more and more magic weapons around Zhuchanchan. One is decreasing and the other is increasing, and his strength has also been seriously reduced.
What he mastered were the parts of Haojing, each of which was extremely powerful. At this moment, Zhu Chanchan took over these magic weapons, and saw Feilai Peak getting stronger and taller, being sacrificed in the sky, and even inserted into the calamity cloud.
/Countless rays of thunder roared, invading Feilai Peak, and lightning flashed back and forth, stimulating the Taoist phenomena of various magic weapons!
Seeing this situation, the man in the bamboo hat was filled with despair: “Senior sister was smarter than me back then, and she is still smarter than me now. I have been cautious all my life, but this time, I am afraid that I will die because of her.”
“Kiuzhou unites to transform China!”
Taishi Jiang Qi saw the opportunity and shouted loudly. The true energy moved, and the nine immortal formations in the sky also burst out at this time, turning into Kyushu visions and merging together to form a territory of China!
The man in the bamboo hat received the blow, and was shocked to the point where his energy and blood were floating. The hidden scene was damaged, and he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.
Grand Master Jiang Qi once again urged the formation to change and shouted: “The sunset in China is like purple clouds flying!”
Just as the Divine Dao Elephant appeared, another stream of purple energy flew towards the man in the bamboo hat, cutting the hidden scene open. A bright sun sank into the hidden scene. , beating him until he vomited blood.
At the same time, Zhu Chanchan took the opportunity to kill and took away the remaining magic weapon from him.
/“Wolf smoke rises from Xiliang!”
“Drive out Xu Quan and conquer Jiuyi!”
A series of merging Taoist images struck the man in a bamboo hat into a state of disarr