t he is not.

“The lives of billions of creatures, in front of such giants, turn out to be just the outcome of the game.”
There was a sadness and anger in his heart that he couldn’t express, and an ambition that he couldn’t relax.
It turns out that it’s not just the way of heaven that’s corrupt!
Young Master Yuchuan looked at the vast mountains and rivers of Taishi’s Great World, and said leisurely: “I invite Brother Chu to come out for a meeting, but this is not the purpose. My real purpose is to get Brother Chu’s people. Chu Tiandu, the Demon Realm is not a good place, The world is broken, the avenue is gone, and your talents will only be wasted there. Why not take refuge in me, I can give you more than just this world!”
He paused and said leisurely: “I can also make you no longer a devil and make you an immortal!”
“Not interested!” Xu Ying flatly refused.
Mr. Tamagawa’s face darkened.
Xu Ying said calmly: “Young Master Yuchuan may have misunderstood and thought that immortals are very attractive to me. In fact, immortality is nothing to me. The immortality you desire is a kind of torture to me. As for demons or immortals , it’s just a name difference.”
Young Master Tamagawa smiled and said, “I deeply admire Chu Tiandu for his pride. In this case, I will not force him. I heard that Brother Chu practices the Six Secrets, and I really want to see it.”
/Xu Ying smiled and said, “You want to learn something?”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Your Excellency’s Nine Heavens and Ten Earths are also extremely exquisite. I have seen one move, which is very extraordinary. I also want to learn about the emperor’s magical skills.”
There was a tense situation between the two of them, and the atmosphere became increasingly depressing.
Suddenly, Lord Brahma, the crowd swayed, and the heads and heads of various sects who came to watch the ceremony rushed towards the same direction.
“Hua Wuhuang, the leader of the Great Compassion Sect, is dead!” someone shouted.
“Hua Wuyang was fine at first, but when she turned around, she turned into human skin!”
Xu Ying and Mr. Yuchuan were slightly moved in their hearts, and they dispersed their murderous intentions. Mr. Yuchuan said: “Brother Chu, let’s compete again another day!”
When Xu Ying heard the word “human skin”, he lost all intention to fight and said, “That’s exactly what I meant. How about we go and have a look together?”
The two of them immediately flew out of the Brahma Pavilion and rushed towards the direction of the crowd.
There was already a sea of ??people there. There was a young man lying on the ground crying. In front of the young man stood a thin old man. He was looking at the crowd with a puzzled face and said with a smile: “Fellow Taoists, why are you doing this? Why are you all gathered here? ? Good disciple, why are you crying?”
He had no idea that he was dead, but he was still standing there and talking to people normally.
However, Xu Ying sensed a familiar aura from him.
The smell of obsession.
Xu Ying quickly came behind him, raised his hand and