oesn’t have to be sad. Master, Ya Shu, don’t tell him.”

When he said this, his head hung down and he died.
Xu Ying clenched his fists, and the halberd beside him whimpered.
Behind him, purple energy surged like a flag fluttering.
In the distance, the Black Tortoise is walking towards here with Penglai on its back. On the Penglai Fairy Mountain, a bright moon rose, and the moonlight illuminated only one person. Under the quiet moonlight, a goddess left the Fairy Mountain and walked towards the Hunyuan Palace.
“Empress, this is the chance for your resurrection.” On the Penglai Fairy Mountain, the goddess said to the reincarnation goddess.
Samsara Xuan Nu bowed sincerely and thanked her, walking forward under the moonlight.
The goddess watched her go away, and told the immortals in Penglai, “Now it’s time for you to make great contributions. Well done, the Immortal Master will reward you according to your merits. Everyone will have a big fairy mountain, and it will be easy to open up a cave and a blessed land! Well done!” Not good, the fairy mountain has shrunk, and I’m just serving tea and water.”
/The immortals in Penglai were both surprised and happy. Patriarch Yan Yu quickly asked: “Is it to kill the demon god of the demon realm, eliminate the demons and protect the Tao, and purify the demon realm?”
The Goddess was so angry that her hands and feet were trembling, she pointed at him and stammered. After a while, she regained her breath and said angrily: “No! Now the little Heavenly Lord of the Demon Realm is in trouble, there will be a great disaster, and the Immortal King will come to kill him. We Penglai, for He protects the law.”
As soon as these words came out, Patriarch Yan Yu was startled and lost his voice: “So, we are on the same side as the demons?”
Everyone else also looked at each other, not knowing why.
The goddess smiled and said: “In today’s world, demons are not demons, and Tao is not Tao. You can just follow my instructions and you will not go wrong. You protected the little Tianzun and saved the little Tianzun, which is a great achievement. Compared with those who chase and kill all the worlds. The merits of a strong guy are countless times greater! Immortal Master Xu is happy and everyone will be rewarded.”
Everyone is doubtful.
Patriarch Yan Yu said flatly: “Goddess, you must have been parasitized or taken away by the devil! We are immortals, how can we help the devil?”
Many Penglai immortals stood up, looked up at the goddess, and said to each other: “That little Tianzun is called Xiaotianzun in name, but in fact he is a little demon! We are immortals. If we don’t eliminate demons and defend the way, how can it be helpful? What’s the truth behind demon elimination?”
“The Immortal Lord promises that you will never allow you to do this!”
“Goddess, I’ve long seen something wrong with you! Show your true colors!”
The goddess was furious: “Shut up!”
Thunder and lightning were raging inside and outside Penglai Immortal, and all the immortals obediently shut up.
The goddes