initely not only recruit these nobles who only have sky knights at most, but would recruit top nobles.

After David discovered that his popularity was so poor that almost no nobles were willing to communicate with him, he no longer thought about taking the initiative to communicate, but returned to the room arranged for him.
The room is a suite, a master room, six guest rooms, and corresponding other supporting facilities.
This kind of room is already the worst guest room in this hotel that specializes in hosting nobles.
Normally guests with an earl title like David would stay in a separate courtyard when they come here, but this time among the ninety-nine nobles, the earl has the lowest title.
In the evening, a priest informed all the conscripted nobles to go to the conference hall with the Sky Knights, where the War Temple would issue tasks.
When David led the two sky knights into the conference hall, there were already more than fifty people sitting in the conference hall, and everyone was greeting each other. This rare opportunity to get together was also a good time to socialize.
After seeing David coming in, the nobles who were mentally prepared did not stop talking, but just lowered their voices.
David didn’t take the initiative to sit in the front. He found an inconspicuous seat in the back row and sat down.
More and more nobles entered the conference hall, and the voices in the conference hall resumed.
“Bishop McKinley is here!” Following the priest’s announcement, the voices in the conference hall disappeared instantly.
Bishop McKinley, wearing a golden robe, walked in holding a staff inlaid with huge gems.
/“On behalf of the Temple of War, I welcome all distinguished gentlemen!” Bishop McKinley bowed and saluted.
No nobles were sitting down at this time. They all stood up and returned the salute. Bishop McKinley’s identity was more noble than that of any nobleman here.
The special nature of the War Temple also prevents any noble from being disrespectful to the War Temple.
From the name of the God of War, we can know what this god is in charge of.
/In the great world of gods, in most large-scale operations to eliminate evil gods, the War Temple is the most active and contributes the most.
Of course, this recruitment is not just for the War Temple, but the War Temple comes forward to recruit for several major temples.
Bishop McKinley’s words immediately caused chaos in the originally quiet conference hall. Everyone understood the meaning of Bishop McKinley’s words.
In other words, the situation on Lumbu Star is worse than the rumors outside, and a large number of fifth-level Templar Knights are needed to take action. This is a war that has not happened in the divine world for many years.
Compared with the combat power that the top nobles can send, the strength of the nobles here is extremely low. This also means that this mission, even the most ordinary mission, will be extremely dangerous. It is not an exaggeration to say that there will be a near-death life.
“Gentlemen, you are all nobles