regretfully, as if if he still had power, he would kill Xu Ying’s head.

“Haotian really wants to hide the news about Cuiyan and Bianan, but how can he hide it?”
Empress Ziwei continued, “If he didn’t pass it on, it wouldn’t be difficult for the powerful characters from the demon clan to join forces to overthrow him. But if he spread the word, his power would be unstable. So he passed it, but he didn’t pass it all. Later. , there are more and more caves and abyss, and some of the smaller Immortal Mountains on the other side of the cave abyss are even pulled to the Earthly Immortal Realm. Over time, together with the original Ziwei Holy Land, they form the Ziwei Immortal Court.”
Xu Ying thought about it carefully and said, “The Taishang Cave Abyss is extremely huge and terrifyingly powerful. How does it compare with the Taiyi Cave Abyss?”
Empress Ziwei said: “Not inferior.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “So, there are still people who have learned something from Cuiyan that is not weaker than Haotian.”
Empress Ziwei nodded slightly and said with emotion: “The most indispensable thing in this world is genius. How can it be so easy for Emperor Haotian to secure his throne? Many large-scale caves and abyss have been discovered. Although Ziwei Immortal Court is getting more and more Strong, but his power became more and more unstable. As a result, there were subsequent changes.”
/When he said this, he suddenly paused and sighed: “Later, after I ascended the throne, those powerful men took advantage of Dao Weeping’s misfortune to kill Ziwei and cut the pieces of Ziwei into pieces, like fairy mountains. . They refined these fairy mountains into treasure realms, divided the earthly fairy world, and separated it from mortals, forming a state of isolation between the heavens and the fairy world, and the immortals and mortals no longer communicate with each other.”
Xu Ying suddenly understood and said: “No wonder the immortal world wants to control the number of immortals. It turns out that there are not enough resources.”
The source of the fairy mountains in the fairy world comes partly from the holy land rich in fairy energy in the earthly fairy world, and partly from the other side. These places have been refined into treasure realms. The levels of treasure realms are different, and the amounts of fairy energy and other resources they produce are also different.
The number of treasure realms is limited, and the number of immortals who can master the treasure realm is naturally limited.
Suddenly, Xu Ying thought that the source of the Six Secret Ancestral Dharma was the evolution of various Dongyuan Dharma in the ancient times of the ancestral court. And the seven caves he opened for himself also evolved from the six secret ancestral methods.
So, does the source of the spiritual power and spiritual energy of the seven fairyland caves that I have opened come from the fairyland or the treasure realms in the fairyland that have their own owners?
/“I may be stealing treasure resources from some powerful beings in the fairy