Tian Zhen Tao Sutra. His abilities and talents are naturally extraordinary. He had no connections in the court, so he had no choice but to seek refuge with Yuan Jun. Yuan Jun had no real power, so naturally he could not give him more resources.

If he had more resources, he would have been able to break through the Immortal King realm, become an Immortal Lord, and even aspire to a higher realm.
However, when his Hutian Zhengdao Sutra encountered the water of the Milky Way, it could be said to have met its nemesis. Yuhuzhenren’s body movements changed continuously, but he was still pulled by the power of the Milky Way and fell to the river.
Emperor Cangwu was also restrained by the river water and fell towards the river.
When the enemy met, he was extremely jealous. Emperor Cangwu immediately attacked Yuhu Zhenren, looking like he was going to kill him at the risk of his life. He was extremely ferocious.
/It was Chu Xiangxiang who offered sacrifices to the Tianhe River. She knew that what her father hated the most was the real person Yu Hu, so she saw the right moment and sacrificed the Tianhe water in the jade bottle, and it worked.
Xu Yingze still stood where he was, looking up at Ling Wuxin with a smile on his face.
Only this time, his Taoist heart that was disturbed by Ling Wuxin recovered. On the contrary, Lingwuxin’s Taoist heart was in chaos.
It was clearly a good situation just now, but it was suddenly disintegrated by Xu Ying, and it was difficult for his Taoist heart to stay in chaos!
He now felt that Xu Ying’s Qi was getting stronger and stronger, like a mad dragon and a python, wrapping around him tightly, preventing him from moving.
“Does he still dare to kill in the immortal world?”
Cold sweat broke out on Ling Wuxin’s forehead, and he thought to himself, “There is a difference between immortals and mortals. He is a mortal, and I am an immortal. If I stand in the immortal world, I will occupy an invincible position.”
At the moment when he was distracted, Xu Ying rose into the sky, and a rainbow light came straight to the fairy world. He laughed loudly: “What a big boy, today my father will beat you until you call me daddy!”
The moment Xu Ying soared into the sky was when Emperor Dongyue and Emperor Beiyin joined forces to fight against the Immortal King Ruoan.
When the four emperors of the underworld were provoked by others, they all had dissatisfaction with each other. When Dongyue died, the Beidi did not come to rescue him. At this time, Beidi came to help, also with the intention of resolving the grudges.
Both of these emperors have powerful souls. Although they are not in their peak state, they each have their own special skills targeting the souls. Wang Ruoan’s soul does not dare to sacrifice them. They are passive and their defeat is certain.
/On the other side, Emperor Cangwu abandoned Zhang Shanzong and went straight to the real person Yuhu. Zhang Shanzong was secretly happy and was about to rush away when he saw a cold moonlight shining in front of him. There was a beauty under the