e abyss!”

When Xu Ying heard this, he immediately turned around and left.
Empress Ziwei shouted: “Stop! I pointed out a Yangguan Road for you, why didn’t you thank the Lord for his kindness and instead left?”
Xu Ying sneered and said: “Ziwei’s ancestral court has been divided up, and the caves and abyss of your six emperors have long fallen into the hands of the most powerful people in the immortal world. If I learn your skills and mobilize your caves, I will It will be noticed by those who destroyed the ancestral court. When it is refined, it will be the time of my death. Emperor Ai, farewell!”
Empress Ziwei smiled and said: “Who said that all the caves and abyss of the Six Emperors were taken away?”
Xu Ying stopped and turned around to look.
Empress Ziwei walked towards him and said: “At that time, Emperor Taihao strictly prohibited summoning the other side, but now that the fire has spread, how can we allow him to go against the general trend of the world? At that time, there were still many people summoning the other side, and some people Great achievements were made. Emperor Taihao went against the grain, so he was abdicated. The person who succeeded him as the great treasure was Shaohao. After Shaohao, he was Haoying. After Haoying, he was Haohong. All immortal emperors must have their names in their names. You have to have the character Hao. Back then, I also had the character Hao.”
He said this with a look of shame on his face. He couldn’t keep the word “Hao” and eventually became Emperor Ai.
Xu Ying blinked and said: “Since the six emperors are buried here, it means that the six emperors did not live long after abdication and died.”
/Empress Ziwei smiled and said: “They are immortal emperors and immortals, how could they die?”
Xu Ying stared at him and said, “Yes. But why are these six emperors buried here?”
Empress Ziwei said flatly: “He must be depressed. Could it be that the new emperor can kill the old emperor?”
Xu Ying suddenly realized: “The previous Immortal Emperor died in depression because he was forced to abdicate.”
Empress Ziwei said sternly, “They were not forced to abdicate. They all felt that their virtues were lacking and that they were not as good as their descendants, so they took the initiative to abdicate in favor of worthy people. However, it was inevitable that some people would die and some blood would be shed on the way to make way for worthy ones.” It is excusable that the Chao Immortal Emperor died in depression, probably because in the process of abdication, his wealth and wealth suffered a lot. For example, he lost the emperor-level Cave Abyss and other things.”
Xu Ying translated: “So the old emperor abdicated, the new emperor cut off his wings, killed his descendants, and then took back his imperial-level Cave Abyss for himself.”
Empress Ziwei said: “Emperor-level Cave Abyss has been passed down in an orderly manner. However, Taiyi Cave Abyss has not been passed down. Emperor Haotian’s Taiyi Cave Abyss was lost in this process and is missing. I looked thr