be understood but cannot be expressed in words.

In fact, during this process, Chu Weiyang never had a pause that lasted too long. He was really pushing forward all the way, but occasionally had time to think about the gains that made him satisfied.
Even so, soon the gifts from the sages also entered a field that Chu Weiyang was very familiar with.
Multiple quantities of supreme treasure materials, multiple quantities of precious medicinal elixirs.
Opponents at this level are not difficult for Chu Weiyang at all, especially when Chu Weiyang stops in the realm of true form and harmony practiced by the Taiyin Thunder Method, with a pair of thunder pupils shining in the hole. When it was gone, all the inconsistencies and weak spots on the seal pattern of the talisman were as clear and easy as looking at the pattern in the palm of your hand.
No true form chart can withstand the cutting power of the talisman seal pattern and the ring-shou sword magic weapon that was dragged into the metaphysical realm by Chu Weiyang.
To put it harshly, the fault is that Chu Weiyang is training himself to deeply understand the true diagrams related to the way of swordsmanship, and is still deliberately looking for the changes in the seal patterns of the talisman, otherwise he will only be able to find the ring head of the magic weapon level. With the sword slashing, Chu Weiyang could already ignore the harmony and disharmony among them, and truly achieved the level of deceiving others with superior skills.
He still has enough room to push all the way. How he pushed the Leifa Stream to the end in the past, Chu Weiyang can still push it all the way in the same way more easily today.
However, at this moment, the majestic inspirations that were constantly rising and manifesting in Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and ideas forced Chu Weiyang to stop in the process of pushing forward the stream of swordsmanship.
/The stream itself is here and will not increase or decrease with time.
However, the inspiration in Chu Weiyang’s mind at this time needs to be processed, absorbed and digested. After all, it involves the process of understanding and practicing Tao and Dharma. No inspiration itself can be ignored. Maybe the thought is missed at this moment, The same train of thought will never be born again in the future, no matter how high it is cultivated.
/In fact, this sudden enlightenment and gain was a very novel experience for Chu Weiyang.
Now that I think about it, it may still be caused by the experience of the previous life. Since the beginning of the Taoist enlightenment, for Chu Weiyang, every book, every picture, Chu Weiyang wanted to read every paragraph of it. Anchoring every detail of the talisman and seal pattern.
Only after repeatedly considering the words was Chu Weiyang able to start the practice process.
Such excessive nitpicking actually contributed to Chu Weiyang’s talent for the Tao of Talisman to a certain extent. However, Chu Weiyang himself also knew that such a habit of studying Taoism and enlightenment would inevitably tea