her about the dispute between her and Mrs. Karnstein just because this place was Elephant Trunk Mountain.

People’s hearts are unpredictable. He would not equate today’s Mrs. Karnstein with the showgirls of the past. Women are especially good at performing. Sometimes their performances are even believed by themselves, but after the performance, their choices, their Their behavior conflicted with their performance, or their mood simply changed, and their emotions were no longer what they were at that time.
In stories, it is always said that men use sweet words to coax women. In fact, with rich emotional experience and meeting some women who are amazing in the performing arts, men will understand that women are the best at sweet words.
/“If you have people around, it’s best to ask them to evacuate temporarily.” Liu Changan reminded with a smile.
Su Nanxiu nodded and sent the message.
Liu Changan looked back at Su Nanxiu.
Su Nanxiu just looked at him, her eyes gradually became gentle, she sighed softly and then looked at the sinking moon in the west.
Women are all performing artists. They use affectionate and gentle eyes mixed with real sighing emotions to cover up her little thoughts that may be exposed and interfere with his excellent gaze.
“You’d better do as I say. I don’t want to have to deal with the newly born mutant humans tonight after dealing with the mutant animals. In fact, the ability of ordinary human bodies to withstand the side effects of mutations is far inferior to that of many common animals. Don’t even think about it. Too many.” Liu Changan looked at Su Nanxiu coldly.
Only then did Su Nanxiu reluctantly issue the order for her people to evacuate. She originally hoped that some of them would be able to mutate tonight. As for whether they could bear the side effects of the mutation or whether their lives would be in danger, Su Nanxiu doesn’t really care. From a psychological perspective, there is no difference between animal experiments and human experiments.
Did he really think he was a human being? Is he really on the human side? Su Nanxiu still couldn’t believe it. As the most mysterious and powerful creature in nature, how could it be like this?
Live like a human being, or is that what he’s after?
Su Nanxiu was silent. She had different ideas from him. She could no longer define herself as an ordinary person.
When we reached the top of the mountain, the dense forest had blocked our view of the moon to the west. The deserted Dragon King Temple still looked like its ruins, and the small temple next to it was empty.
“What are you going to do with those mutated creatures?” Su Nanxiu sat on a fallen stone tablet with his hands on his knees, as if he were a young lady waiting to watch a drama.
“I originally thought it would be troublesome, but in fact there is not much to deal with. From the behavior of the mutated grass carp, it can be deduced that there are very few mutant species still alive in the entire Xiangbiwo Mountain. Big fish eat small fish, and small fish There are only a few shr