ck that shook the sky, and quickly approached the Cuiyan Tower Ship.

However, before they could get close to the building, they were suddenly caught by the roots of the Demon Ancestor. The others took the opportunity to take action, using their magical powers to shatter the ascending glow of these people.
But there were still a few rays of rising rays of light landing on the building ship. Looking from a distance, Xu Ying could only see all kinds of terrifying magical powers erupting on the small building ship, which were extremely ferocious.
After a while, suddenly all the tremors of supernatural powers on the building disappeared.
After a while, the Cuiyan Tower Ship set sail again, flying upwards, but missed the Cuiyan in the Celestial Realm.
Xu Ying looked at it for a moment and suddenly realized: “They are planning to go up and destroy the passage through the green rock of the Celestial Realm!”
/As long as the green rock channel is blocked with a gel substance, all the efforts made by the powerful Hualonghua Longting masters to open the channel will be wasted!
The strong man from Longting on the green rock in the Celestial Realm was obviously aware of this. He didn’t care to continue to fight downwards, but urged the green rock to chase after the green rock building!
Xu Ying breathed a sigh of relief. The strategy of Zushen and others was correct. As long as the other party was led by their noses, they could delay it for a long time.
If they can delay the Holy Lord to return to his peak, or even surpass it, and integrate the forces of the Six Lords and Twelve Mysteries, then their pressure will be greatly reduced!
“Fellow Taoists, please.”
Xu Ying stopped paying attention to the battle outside the world and concentrated on practicing.
The Holy Lord was also paying attention to this battle. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked back.
In the Yanxia Mountain of Yingquan World, waste Qingxuan stood up and looked up at the sky with complicated eyes. At this time, he received an unexpected guest.
Liu Guanyi, the Lord of Ten Wastes.
/Liu Guanyi looked at the good-for-nothing Qingxuan with complicated eyes. After a moment, the good-for-nothing Qingxuan smiled and said, “You’re already here, why don’t you come in and sit down?”
Liu Guanyi stepped forward and bowed to the ground. Good-for-nothing Qingxuan helped him up and said with a smile: “I am not Emperor Qingxuan, just treat me as a friend.”
Liu Guan kept standing up, tears streaming down his face.
He knew that this was not the real Di Qingxuan. Di Qingxuan would not be so lazy. He could not even clean up his appearance. He would not be so greedy. There were so many animal bones stacked outside the door. He would not be so lustful. There were still things in the yard. Hanging women’s clothes.
This Qingxuan has no lofty ambitions or amazing ambitions. What he is best at is eating well and lying down.
This Qingxuan is just a stray thought that Emperor Qingxuan chopped off, a trash who looks the same as Qingxuan.
After a while, Liu Guanyi and the go