w the true spirit of their souls while they are still alive? “

After hearing this, Chu Weiyang’s reaction was a little strange.
“Is this the secret technique of Xuanmen?”
Ignoring Chu Weiyang’s surprise, Chun Yuzhi continued to speak.
“There is indeed such a secret technique in Tingchang Mountain, but if you use it with all your strength, you must be in the foundation-building realm. Now you can only use the talisman array, and the possible range of use is only in the foundation-building realm. A monk must not be in a supreme formation, and his soul must not be protected by some top-notch treasure.”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang grinned.
“As long as there are secret techniques that can be used, as for the rest, just do your best and obey fate!”
As he finished speaking, suddenly, a rumble of thunder exploded in the distant sky.
Then, when Chu Weiyang looked around, the gloomy sky at dusk suddenly seemed to droop down, and suddenly, in the whining wind, heavy rain poured down directly.
/In his past life and this life, Chu Weiyang had to make a living in the ocean for the first time.
However, the understanding of the four seasons of the open sea, originating from the soul memories of those senior cultivators, suddenly lingered in Chu Weiyang’s mind and thoughts.
“It is summer”
Baishe Islands.
The rain falls on the country, and there is endless lamentation.
But at this moment, it seems that all the feelings in the world can hardly turn into raindrops and fall into the storm of fireworks.
In an instant, cascading white mist was rising outside the island.
No matter how much wrapping there is, it can’t cover up the ashes and dust raised by the wind in the raging fire, as well as the free and brilliant figure in the fireworks that twists and stirs, like an ancient witch dancing.
In no time, the raised ashes and dust were contaminated by the pouring rain outside the storm, turned into some kind of mud and fell down, and then were tempered into some kind of gray-black dregs in the firework storm.
Immediately afterwards, there was a certain unbearable stench that spread throughout the island.
But at this moment, the third elder of the Yan family no longer has the intention to see everything on the island.
He frowned tightly, and there seemed to be a pouring ocean flowing in his scarlet eyes. When he stretched out his hand, layers of fire demons wrapped around his pale fingers, as if they were some kind of sharp claws, tightly grasping a withered body. The old man’s head.
The patience I had along the way has been gradually worn away.
Because the third elder of the Yan family has understood a true truth, it seems that the matter of Tingchang Mountain Dharma Tradition externally spreading the demon clan has become a foregone conclusion.
If this matter cannot be handled well, many people in the entire Yan family, not just Yan Jianming, including himself, will run for their lives and pay their lives for it.
And the reason for all this is the Taoist book placed in Yan Jianming’s Qiankun bag.
So, the third elder lo