snake catchers used our lives to catch strange snakes and presented them to His Majesty for making elixirs. Come to think of it. Because Your Majesty opened the two secret treasures of Yujing and Jianggong, the internal power conflict caused his hands and feet to spasm, and he needed to be treated with strange snakes. Hey, it turns out that my grandfather and adoptive father died at the hands of Your Majesty.”

Emperor Shengwu said unhurriedly: “The people’s livelihood in Yongzhou is so rotten? I don’t know. Zhou Heng, the governor of Yongzhou, is a son of the Zhou family. If he doesn’t do well, I can’t rule the Zhou family or get rid of Zhou Qiyun. What can be done?”
/Xu Ying ignored him and said: “Your Majesty, this time Yongzhou suffered a disaster and new lands emerged. Many villages were isolated in the mountains. I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. They were trapped in the new lands and were invaded by ghosts from the underworld. , but because of the dangerous roads, the officials were unable to collect taxes, so they could not live a better life.”
The Holy Emperor was silent for a moment and sighed: “This is the drawback of the family’s governance. My decree cannot even reach the county seat! I ordered disaster relief, I ordered the exemption of taxes, I ordered not to collect corvee, but when it comes down to the lower level, it changes. I have a hard time!”
Xu Ying looked at him, and after a while, he said: “If you can’t do it, just go down and find someone else who can do it. Why occupy the latrine and not poop?”
The Holy Emperor looked indifferent, the clouds above his head suddenly became gloomy, and thunder crackled in the clouds.
He became furious.
Seeing this, Xu Ying smiled openly and said: “The common people can understand your Majesty. After all, the top is still good, not rotten yet, but the bottom is rotten, the root is rotten. What’s wrong with your Majesty’s technique?”
The Holy Emperor snorted and said calmly: “Even if Zhou Qiyun thinks highly of you, in this hall, within ten steps, if I kill your head, ten Zhou Qiyun will not be able to save you!”
Xu Ying lowered his head and said: “Your Majesty, I am a commoner and you are the Holy One. Why should you be angry like a common man?”
The Holy Emperor suppressed the surging Qi and blood, exhaled a breath of turbid air, and said: “You were born in Yongzhou, and life in Yongzhou is not good. It is normal for you to have some resentment. I will not argue with you. Zhou Qiyun is tolerant. I have it too.”
He took out a golden book. The golden book was also a method used by ancient Qi alchemists to record their skills. The pieces of gold paper were as thin as cicada wings. They were activated by spiritual consciousness. Once they were sacrificed, they stood in the air. Words and patterns are reflected from the gold paper.
Those patterns often contain symbols of the Tao, which were carefully recorded by ancient Qi practitioners. Understanding them can help people practice.
The exercises in the golden book of the Holy God