permanent body is powerful, protected by the aura of incense, and is a real god in the underworld. It is easy to lock the soul and take the soul.

She could deal with one or two, but she was helpless against so many impermanences.
/As for Xiao Bo and Gong Qi, they are even more unbearable. They can only be regarded as targets by these impermanences!
At this moment, Xu Ying suddenly stepped in front of everyone, only to see countless strips of cloth flying towards him, swishing into his body, and trapping his soul!
Many impermanences, whether real or fake, raised their arms one after another, trying to pull his soul out of the body!
Xu Ying was pulled up and flew towards the impermanent people. His soul did not fly out from his body at all, but flew over with his “insignificant” body!
He took more than a dozen elixirs to refine his soul until it was almost soulless, leaving only the immortal true spirit, which was much more powerful than the physical body.
Flying along with Xu Ying was the big bell, which was more than ten feet tall even when lying down. It was like a small mountain, and it was smashing towards the numerous impermanences!
There were hundreds of people there. Seeing this scene, they couldn’t help but feel frightened. They all offered funeral sticks and went to the big bell!
A violent shaking sound was heard, lingering in the vast willow forest of the underworld. Hundreds of Wu Chang were shocked and staggered back, barely blocking the crushing power of the big bell.
Xu Ying landed on the ground, raised his hand to grab it, and his vitality suddenly turned into a huge snake, biting an impermanence in one bite. Xu Ying stopped his hand, and the impermanent ghost flew up, flew to his side involuntarily, and his face was held in his palm.
Seeing this, other impermanent ghosts, whether real or fake, started offering mourning sticks one after another. The willow sticks were half white and half green, carrying flying strips of cloth, whizzing towards Xu Ying.
There were endless bangs and bangs, and Xu Ying was hit six or seven times by the funeral stick, and his soul was knocked out of the body, and his soul was immediately revealed.
But in the gray willow forest, suddenly a divine light rose up from the ground, and the light was bright. In an instant, the willow forest was illuminated with dark shadows, and the light and the shadows of the willow branches swayed!
The mourning sticks vibrated and vibrated in the air. When the hundreds of truly impermanent ghosts saw his soul, they felt oppressed like a ghost king and stopped one after another, not daring to attack him again.
But other fake impermanence didn’t care about this at all, and the mourning stick continued to hit Xu Ying!
Xu Ying’s palm was still clasped on the fake face. When he was repelled by the mourning sticks, he pulled off the mask on the fake face.
Fake Wuchang was originally over ten feet tall. When the ghost face of the Nuo master was torn off, all his strength suddenly poured out. His body shrunk rapidly, an