The immortal came, suddenly stopped, coughed violently, and sprayed dust mist from the holes in his body. When he stopped coughing, he continued to walk towards Xu Ying and said, “Although I have been consumed by misfortune for hundreds of millions of years, I still have the power left to kill you!”
Xu Ying fell down the cliff, then stood up and stirred up the seven caves in his body. Using the caves as the source, he continuously stimulated the power of each cave.
Among them, Taiyi, Wuji, Hongmeng, Chaos, Samsara, and Hunyuan, the Dao power produced by these six caves was poured into his martial arts cave. The martial arts cave became the spring that unified the six Dao forces. With this spring as the foundation, Tao power pours into the whole body.
His strength surged again and he rushed forward again!
The immortal coughed repeatedly and sneered: “There is no need to keep you!”
He stretched out his palm, and his five fingers were like five pillars of creation, pressing down on Xu Ying!
Xu Ying urged the Heavenly Immortal Seal, stood up, and faced this palm!
/With an earth-shattering noise, Xu Ying flew back at an even faster speed and hit the cliff hard!
The immortal showed surprise, promising that the power of this blow was much stronger than just now!
Just as he thought of this, he saw Xu Ying stand up and rush towards him again. The immortal couldn’t help but get angry, and without any explanation, he mobilized his best magical power, gathered the avenue and used it as a sword. The sword was a hundred miles long, crossing the sky, and slashed down with a crash!
Such a long sword surpasses all the magic weapons that Xu Ying has seen before. Whether it is Ming Dao Emperor’s Longting Imperial Capital or the Zhu Xian Broken Sword, it is inferior to it!
Xu Ying faced this rare blade, activated the Earth Immortal Seal, and headed towards the blade!
That avenue is a sword, with no blade and only blades everywhere!
Xu Ying’s seal hit the blade, and the shadow of the Earthly Immortal Realm was immediately cut open. The blade collided with Xu Ying’s palm print!
The sound of gold and iron clashing came, and the palm of Xu Ying’s hand was cut open by the sharp knife. The bones were visible, and he staggered back due to the huge force of the knife.
The immortal was extremely surprised. His sword was very sharp. Logically speaking, Xu Ying should be killed with one strike. How could he only injure his opponent’s palm?
The Immortal immediately realized that this giant source was hidden in one of the sources. The power of this source was truly terrifying, surpassing the other seven sources combined!
The spiritual energy and Tao power provided by Juyuan to Xu Ying was not too much before, but now it is ten times that of the other seven sources!
It was for this reason that when Xu Ying received his blow, his palm was only injured!
Xu Ying felt that the spiritual energy and power coming from the martial arts cave was getting stronger and stronger. Although his palm was injured, the in