try to avoid the destruction of the energy clones. Every time they re-condensate the energy clones, it is not only a waste of time and resources, but also has a great impact on the soul. The fifth-level Templars The emotional loss will be accelerated due to damage to the soul.

David has no worries in this regard. The soul clone is not his main soul. He can control it when he needs it. When he doesn’t need it, he can move with the soul clone on its own. After the soul clone absorbs the fighting instinct from the muscles of the fifth-level Templar, Coupled with acquired learning, you can perfectly execute his orders without his control.
For the soul clone, there are no emotions at all, let alone the trouble of losing emotions.
David summoned the Shadow Warrior, and placed the hand that controlled Mike’s fifth-level Templar on the Shadow Warrior’s shoulder. His mind moved, and the Shadow Warrior sent a soul energy into the body of Mike’s fifth-level Templar. .
David induced the soul energy to flow to the fifth-level soul of Michael’s fifth-level Templar. At the same time, he mobilized the fifth-level blood power in his body to fuse the spirit and turn it into an illusory sharp blade.
The sharp blade formed by directly mobilizing the power of the fifth-level bloodline cannot affect the disembodied fifth-level soul, while the blade transformed from a single spirit has no ability to cut the fifth-level soul. This can only be done by fusing the power of the fifth-level bloodline with the spirit. Cutting the fifth level soul.
One-fifth of the fifth-level soul was cut off, and David’s consciousness, which was attached to Mike’s fifth-level Templar soul, felt a sharp pain, which truly penetrated into the soul.
Fortunately, it was not David’s main soul that was cut. The impact of this severe pain immediately disappeared as he took the initiative to shield it.
At this time, the soul energy flowing in from the Shadow Attendant also happened to enter the fifth-level soul of Mike’s fifth-level Templar. The damaged soul recovered at an extremely fast speed after the inflow of soul energy.
David controlled one-fifth of the soul that was cut off and entered the heart sea space. As soon as he entered the heart sea space, one-fifth of the soul flew into the energy clone without his control.
This was an even weirder feeling, a clone of a clone. David felt that this energy clone was very close to him, but seemed to be separated by a layer.
/Under the control of David, the energy clone of Mike’s fifth-level Templar left the heart sea space. After leaving the heart sea space, it immediately appeared in the real world in the form of energy and appeared in front of David.
David’s heart moved, and the energy clone’s figure flashed and appeared on the other side of the room.
In such a short distance, the speed of the energy clone is almost comparable to the teleportation of Shadow Warrior.
After this period of time, Mike’s fifth-level soul, a fifth-level Templar, consumed a lot of soul energy and fully recovered.
David did not co