to maintain balance and twist her body in the wind and rain, which would make her beautiful back more swaying. The distant mountains in ink painting in the misty rain were as charming. moving.

Liu Changan picked up the food box and the bowls and chopsticks. The muddy ground was not hard, and the fine porcelain bowls were not bumped. It was just a waste of dinner.
After cleaning, Liu Changan came to the civilian armored transport vehicle that had been parked for a long time.
“I’m just telling you, the beads that the earthworms in the 1900s sucked up water and spit out are under this tree!”
At some point, Old Man Qian appeared at the door of Liu Changan’s house holding a wooden black umbrella, pointing towards the sycamore tree.
“Dad Qian, why are you running out on this rainy day?” Liu Changan waved his hand.
“The rain has lightened up and the thunder has also lightened up. Why should I come and take a look at such a big thing? The tree in front of my house was chopped down. I haven’t seen this kind of thing many times in my entire age. It’s a celestial phenomenon. ! There must be an evil spirit causing trouble or a treasure must be born.”
“Then what do you think this is all about? Analyze and analyze.” Following Old Man Qian’s gesticulating movements, Liu Changan looked up at the sky and down at the ground.
Old Man Qian looked around, approached Liu Changan, tugged on his sleeves, gasped twice, and then said with a swallowing movement under his throat: “There is a treasure underground!”
“Then dig it.” Liu Changan suggested.
“Since I’m willing to tell you, of course I’ll do it with you.” Old Man Qian sneered, “I’m old, how long will I have to dig for? I’ve been noticed by others, why don’t I get some points from others? We dig, dig. In order to make money from selling, how fun would it be to play mahjong for 10 yuan a shot?”
“You wait for your son to come back and dig together. I promise not to leak it.” Liu Changan felt that there was no other meaning besides digging a bigger pit to raise loaches, even though he was the first to say that there were treasures under the sycamore tree to absorb the essence.
Old Man Qian smacked his lips, glared at Liu Changan with a look that didn’t understand a good person’s heart, and walked away angrily.
Liu Changan knew that Old Man Qian was not really sure that he had the treasure. Anyway, Liu Changan was busy working in vain under his command, and he would not suffer any loss. This old man was so clever!
Liu Changan went to check the car. He didn’t know whether the lightning was absorbed by the coffin, or whether the armored transport vehicle itself had some measures to prevent lightning strikes. Everything was normal. He took the key and drove the car out of the community.
/I haven’t driven a car for many years, but this kind of thing is the same as the situation where many people learned to ride a bicycle when they were young, but stopped riding for more than ten years. When shared bicycles appeared, they could just try it out and ride on it.
The cab of this car