ball girl. However, An Nuan has not participated in international competitions and is not that well-known. She has a lot of fans on social media. She is from Shonan. A very popular volleyball girl from the university-affiliated high school.

Liu Changan and An Nuan have a good relationship. They have been in the same class for three years and at the same desk for one year. In addition, An Nuan is really good-looking. Even if Liu Changan feels that there is only a thin line between pink and skull, a rare beautiful girl like An Nuan still makes her It is pleasing to the eye.
“Will you come to class tomorrow?”
Liu Changan replied to the text message, turned on the TV, and watched the variety show for a while. He felt a little bored. After all, Liu Changan could not understand many of the jokes based on his special identification with the identity of “star”.
Turning to the news program, it is the birthday of an old revolutionary. There are not many achievements left of that generation.
The news was very short, but all the names that should be mentioned were mentioned, which made people realize that these old people are still respected and still have great influence.
It’s just that people are easy to forget. Except when they are students, they gradually enter the society, start working, and start to face the pressure of life. Many knowledge that is not very helpful to their current work and life will be forgotten, including The history that should not be forgotten, the people that should not be forgotten.
Liu Changan laid out the paper, picked up the brush, and wrote: “The immortal caressed my head and tied my hair to receive immortality.”
Liu Changan is still very satisfied with his calligraphy. He is not a person with special talent in calligraphy. It’s just that if you practice calligraphy more, your calligraphy will not be ugly after all. If you practice it more than ordinary people, then It will naturally look good.
“Xiao Liu, go play mahjong.”
Someone was shouting outside the door. In the afternoon in Junsha, after dinner, there is always a time to play mahjong. There are many mahjong parlors in the streets and alleys, and in some older communities, there are even more small mahjong parlors.
The popular mahjong in Junsha is called Zhuanzhuan mahjong. You can only touch, but you cannot eat the tiles played by others. You can catch cannons and touch yourself. If you mess up the tiles, you will be removed and others will take over.
/The people who play mahjong here are all old people. One shot is 1 yuan, and each person is given 2 yuan for self-playing. It can be said to be quite small. Starting from ten years ago, the customary achievement of mahjong here is such a small one. In the world of the old people, it seems that time It has also stagnated and is not affected by the external economy and prices. After all, it is just entertainment.
“It’s Xiao Liu, please stop being ridiculous.”
“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I was much more powerful when I was his age, and I am still getting