ncreasing, and it can even be said to have skyrocketed!

When the Tongtian Sword Master refined it, it was only in the Great Luo Wonderland. The sword master left the Three Realms and left it in the Biyou Palace. The Zhuxian Sword was always a Wonderland treasure and could not be improved.
He was even interrupted by Qingxuan, Shengzun and others.
Although its power is unparalleled and it is the sharpest sword in the world, in terms of power, it is somewhat outdated, not even as good as Zhong Ye.
After Zhong Ye has the wrinkles formed by the bells of the Chaos Sea, his power is above it, his cultivation level is also above it, and it has a tendency to become stronger and stronger.
But now, with the revival of the Killing Avenue, the power of the Zhuxian Sword is also increasing crazily!
Its power quickly surpassed that of Master Zhong and was promoted to another level, as if it had been reborn!
/At this moment, the sky suddenly became bright, the cherry blossom-colored light illuminated the starry sky, and an indescribable aura hit his face.
The various avenues in Xu Ying’s body suddenly fell silent. Taiyi, chaos, Hongmeng, reincarnation, Wuji, and cause and effect seemed to have lost all their power and turned into wood, motionless!
His consciousness and magic power all became as gray as ashes.
Even the trash Qingxuan, who was still in the process of enlightenment just now, was pulled out of the state of enlightenment at this time, and was in shock and confusion.
The Great Way of Heaven and Earth no longer exists, so how can we attain enlightenment?
“Xu Daozu, what’s going on?” Waste Qingxuan asked.
Xu Ying raised his head and looked at the light the color of cherry blossoms, and said: “The Taoist Master has taken action.”
“Tao Master takes action?”
The good-for-nothing Qingxuan lost his voice and said, “Why would the Taoist master take action against us? How have we ever fallen into the eyes of such big shots?”
To the Lord of the Dao, anyone else, even the Dao Lord, is just an ant and will not even look at it.
And Xu Ying and others are just ants among ants, too lazy to pay attention.
Such beings rarely take the initiative to attack ants like them. At most, they only affect the ants when they attack, killing a few or dozens of them casually.
The cherry blossom-colored light came very quickly, and its destination was obviously this strange place where Xu Ying and others were.
Seeing this situation, Xu Ying couldn’t help but feel worried: “Could it be that I wrote down the Xuanhuang Taoist Realm Sutra here and set up a situation to sacrifice dozens of immortals, true kings and Taoist kings, and the Taoist master on the other side noticed it and came to kill me to vent his anger? ”
Under the threat of the cherry blossom-colored light, the Killing Avenue became more and more intense, almost boiling.
In the sky, a divine ax appeared, spinning towards the fallen place.
Wherever the light of the ax touches, everything is silent and has no power at all. Even the killing avenue fell silent under the ligh