er existed. On the other side, there may be descendants of Loujie, but they no longer admit that they are from Loujie.

Everything in this universe is gone, only this wreckage remains.
“Without Hua Dao Master’s axe, I always feel like something is missing.”
Master Tai Yi glanced at Xu Ying and said, “Xu Ying, when we fought just now, did you want to kill me?”
/Xu Ying said in shock: “Master, where do you start talking about this? This is absolutely not the case! If I wanted to kill you, I actually had a chance, but didn’t I not do it?”
Master Tai Dao snorted, thinking of Xu Ying touching his head. Xu Ying did have a chance to kill him at that time, but for some unknown reason, he actually rubbed his head!
And his expression is very kind.
“Master, how will you deal with the Three Realms and the Heaven Realm after the other side survives the disaster in the future?” Xu Ying asked.
Tai Dao Master looked at the wreckage of the universe in front of him and said: “If you help me achieve Taoism today, I will definitely give you a wide berth. As for the Heaven Realm, I can only make a decision based on what Taoist Master wants to do.”
Xu Ying asked: “What about the universe?”
Tai Dao Dao Master looked solemn and said: “The Great Thousand Universe is the private property of the other side. As the other side becomes more powerful, it depends on the Great Thousand Universe. So what happened in the past, will happen in the future.”
Xu Ying looked at him deeply: “So, letting go of the Three Realms is indeed an open policy.”
Master Tai Dao nodded slightly and said: “Xu Ying, I know your attitude. Although you are open-minded, your heart is hard and unyielding. You have your own scale to measure right and wrong. The reason why you are open-minded is just because you have not been strong. If you become strong, you will no longer be open-minded. People like you can go further in a dangerous society.”
Xu Ying first entered the other side and pretended to be a saint from the other side. Later, in the heaven realm, he recognized Taiyi as his master. When he arrived at the Taiyi Sect, he took the initiative to become a senior brother and became one with the brothers from the Taiyi Sect.
Although he had already possessed spiritual patterns and new Dao patterns that transcended Riwen on the other side, he still used Riwen on the other side.
When he meets the late Taoist Master, he will immediately change his camp. When he meets the late Taoist Master Luo, he will immediately angrily accuse Taiyi of being a traitor. Enemies who cannot be beaten will take the initiative to get close to them and call them foster fathers. Those who can be beaten will immediately become old thieves who are still alive.
It is not an exaggeration to say that one should be duplicitous and speak sweetly with a sword.
However, for the people of the Three Realms, the promise in their eyes is to bear the humiliation, endure hardships, and worship the enemy as a foster father. They are willing to be humiliated, and they must do everything possible to mes