step, using reincarnation as evidence of cause and effect, cause and effect as evidence of calamity, calamity as evidence of killing, and killing as evidence of annihilation. Only when I have achieved annihilation can I be considered a true disciple of the Tao.”

Xu Ying was surprised: “Is it so difficult to become a disciple of Dao Ji?”
Wen Nanxun said: “This is natural. After all, True Lord Daoji is one of the most powerful beings among the palace masters, and his disciples are considered to be among the strongest in the sea of ??chaos.”
Dazhong asked curiously: “What is so magical about the Great Sky Ming Realm of the Dao League?”
“The Great Sky Ming Realm is a pure land opened in the supreme void by the palace masters and alliance leaders of the Dao Alliance. It governs many chaotic seas and universes, and it is vast and boundless.”
Wen Nanxun smiled and said, “The Dao Alliance recruits talented people. Although it is powerful, it never enslaves any universe. When you are in the Great Sky Bright Realm, you will see various universes floating in the sea of ??chaos, and the clear light is at your fingertips.”
Dazhong’s heart moved slightly and he said: “How many universes are there under the jurisdiction of the Dao Alliance? There are thousands of universes on the other side, a total of 4,600.”
Wen Nanxun shook his head and said: “I have never heard of the other shore. The Sea of ??Chaos is really too big. There are billions of universes in the outer layer alone. The other shore you mentioned may only be a little bit about the size of a sesame seed. The other shore is probably On the periphery of the Chaos Sea, it belongs to the Chaos Thin Zone. The universe in the Chaos Sea is divided into three layers: outer, middle and inner. The outermost layer is the Chaos Thin Zone, the middle layer is the most powerful and powerful zone of the Chaos Sea, and the inner layer is the old universe. The cemetery. The Avenue of Chaos there has also withered, making it difficult to circulate.”
/“The Avenue of Chaos is withering?”
Xu Ying was stunned, a little unbelievable, and lost his voice, “How could the Avenue of Chaos wither?”
Wen Nanxun said: “I don’t know either. I just heard Lord Dao Ji once said that maybe chaos can also be extinguished. It is not permanent. But if the sea of ??chaos is extinguished, it would be incredible.”
Xu Ying and Da Zhong were shocked and in disbelief.
“Our Dao Alliance only operates in the middle level of the Chaos Sea. In addition to the Dao Alliance, there are other forces. I have heard that there was a Chaos Empire that controlled countless universes, large and small. But I have never encountered it. ”
Wen Nanxun said, “I also heard that in the inner cemetery, there are still some corpse universes connected together by powerful beings, swallowing them everywhere, trying to save their lives. What they want most is to come to the outer and middle layers. However, when they arrive at the cemetery, It will be difficult to escape, and it will eventually end in annihilation.”
Xu Ying and