during cultivation, and as the vitality of heaven and earth, don’t we need to worry about how to connect it? Master Qi, you Is this true?”

An Qi’s eyes widened when he heard this, and his mind was lost.
The big snake stretched out the tip of its tail, rubbed Xu Ying’s head, smiled happily, and encouraged: “A Ying, since you have found a solution, then be brave and do it!”
Xu Ying nodded heavily and went to try to unify the secret treasure of Niwan.
When Niu Zhen and Niu Gan brothers met, the two Niu brothers admired An Qi. Niu Gan said: “Our teacher is a scholar of heaven and man, but even a person with such great knowledge needs to ask Qi Ye for advice when he encounters an undecided matter.”
Niu Zhen sighed: “Master Qi is unfathomable.”
An Qi murmured in his heart: “I just followed Ah Ying’s idea and said a few words. Ah Ying won’t really practice according to this method, right? What if something goes wrong with the practice?”
He blinked: “It seems to be Aying’s own problem. He is so smart, so he can solve it naturally. By the way, should I also open my own secret treasure of clay pills?”
His heart was pounding wildly. Ever since he was looking for the secret cache of Niwan in Qinyan Cave, but was attacked by something big underground, he had never thought about how to open his secret cache of Niwan.
But now, Xu Ying was about to solve the problem of unifying the secret treasure and refining the energy, and he couldn’t help but get excited, thinking: “My demon clan also has the six secrets of the human body, so naturally we can also unify the secret treasure and the secret treasure. I opened it at this time Ni Wan, it’s just the right time! This is a great opportunity for our demon clan to revive!”
He was very interested, and immediately mobilized his spiritual consciousness and entered the realm of Xiyi. His spiritual consciousness went all the way up, and within a moment, he came to the sea of ??chaos in his brain and found the location of his chaotic mud ball.
An Qi was stunned and saw a big bell floating there next to his Chaos Niwan, rising and falling unsteadily.
“Bitch Zhong, when did you come?”
Xian Qi was furious, rushed forward, struggled with the big bell with his consciousness, and shouted, “I said that I always feel like I have been supplemented these days, but it turns out that it is you who caused the trouble! You stole my blood!”
“You wronged me! I only take one or two puffs at a time, no more than 20%!”
“You sucked Ah Ying and you came to suck me! Bitch Zhong, are you planning to take these two grandpas with you?”
/“Eldest brother, not to mention second brother, don’t you also carry grandpa with you and hold A Ying in your arms and keep chewing on him?”
The big bell was knocked out of An Qi’s mind, but the big snake still refused to let go. Its huge snake body rolled up the big bell and hammered it to the ground, making a clanging sound.
He has awakened the ancient bloodline, and practiced Ba Snake True Cultivation and Dragon Snake Jingzhe. He already has the appearance