o fight against it, and it caused great damage in an instant!

As for the Chaos Lotus, it cannot compete with the Avenue of Nirvana. The petals of the lotus wither, the leaves turn yellow, and the spiritual light passes quickly!
Even its source was crushed to the point of falling into annihilation!
At this moment, a soft force protected them, and the Taoist Master smiled and said: “The reason why the Great Way of Nirvana is difficult to practice is not that it is difficult to realize the Tao, but that it is difficult to maintain the original intention after enlightenment, and often falls into Nirvana. Being in it and unable to wake up.”
Dazhong hurriedly asked for advice and said: “I followed Ah Ying to practice and witnessed him step by step to cultivate the nine innate paths from scratch, and to achieve the nine paths to be evidence-based. But if it were me, I would always be stuck at the level of the avenue of annihilation. I can’t cultivate. I asked myself, if my mind is not weaker than his, why am I always unable to cultivate?”
The Taoist Master smiled and said: “Although Xu Ying is a person with extremely high talents, qualifications and understanding, he does not know how to teach others. If you observe his cultivation process, it is already extremely remarkable that he can understand the Eight Innate Paths. As for Nirvana It’s not your fault that you can’t cultivate the Great Dao, it’s just that you don’t have a famous teacher to guide you to get started.”
He raised his hand, cut off a section of the Qi of Annihilation that was flowing freely, and pulled the Qi of Annihilation apart, making it extremely large, revealing the subtle internal structure, and said: “Fellow Taoist, please take a look.”
The big clock looked carefully and saw that the power of cause and effect was burning in the Qi of Nirvana, and the path of cause and effect was changing to the way of Nirvana!
“No, no!”
/The big bell exclaimed, “This is wrong! Logically speaking, the way of killing should change to the way of annihilation. How can cause and effect directly change into annihilation?”
Taoist Master laughed heartily, stroking his palms and smiling: “This is the key to your inability to cultivate Nirvana! Fellow Daoist Zhong, the transformation of killing into Nirvana is only one of the seven transformation methods! Fellow Daoist Zhong, you have a kind heart, even though you have cultivated It is the way of killing, but you don’t use it to kill and exterminate. If you want to use killing to achieve annihilation, it will be even more difficult!”
His sleeves fluttered, and he raised his hand to cut off one after another of the Qi of Nirvana from the rushing and rotating flood source of Nirvana. He manifested them one by one, magnified them countless times, and placed them in front of the big clock.
/Among these qi of annihilation, some are transformed into annihilation, and some are transformed into annihilation. The big clock observes them one by one, and sees the process of the four avenues of Taiyi, reincarnation, cala