Taoist Master Bianhua was alarmed by this murderous intention and looked far away to the place where Taoist Tongtian fell.
“Tongtian! Do you want to take this opportunity to be resurrected? Dream on.”
Changsun Shenghai did not return to Daoji Tianshe’an Palace immediately, but drove directly to the place where Taoist Tongtian fell.
Not many people knew about the death of Taoist Tongtian. Master Hua’s sneak attack on Taoist Tongtian was not a glorious thing back then.
Taiyi Daojun led the crowd to besiege Emperor Haotian and kill him. No one said that Taiyi Daodaojun did something wrong. Because Emperor Haotian wanted to leave the other side and return to the Three Realms with the other side’s skills, which violated the rules of the other side.
But Master Hua’s sneak attack on Taoist Tongtian was a relatively bad thing for Bi’an. After all, although Taoist Tongtian is also a person from the Three Realms, he has not shown any intention of returning to the Three Realms. Master Hua took action directly, and he was suspected of being jealous of the virtuous and capable.
Two-thirds of the immortals on the other side come from other universes. If you know that Master Hua has dealt with Taoist Tongtian like this, you can’t help but feel like a rabbit is dead and a fox is sad.
Therefore, Master Hua himself would take the initiative to suppress the news and prevent it from leaking out, so as not to damage his reputation.
It was a coincidence that Changsun Shenghai was able to obtain the inheritance from Taoist Tongtian. Becoming a disciple of Tongtian was a turning point in his life. He learned the way of killing from Taoist Tongtian, and learned that there were other avenues in the world that could parallel the way of killing.
Therefore, he searched everywhere for the cultivation methods of these avenues, worked hard on the nine avenues, and even became a disciple of Taiyi.
“Master’s condition has always been very bad. How could he suddenly burst out with such fierce murderous intent? If he is so exposed, if Master Hua notices him,”
The Cuiyan Tower ship sailed towards the place of death with all its strength.
Changsun Shenghai could feel that the killing aura in the fallen place was getting stronger and stronger, and the way of killing was also reviving at an alarming speed. This situation exceeded his imagination!
At this moment, a strange wave came from Dao Jitian. Changsun Shenghai looked back and saw a huge divine ax spinning out of Dao Jitian, coming towards this direction at an extremely fast speed!
The light of the ax has the color of a cherry blossom, and it is the Taoist treasure of Hua Taoist!
“Hua Dao wants to take action against Master!”
/Changsun Shenghai was very anxious and accelerated towards the place where he fell. However, the speed of the divine ax was much faster than that of Cuiyan Louchuan. However, he caught up with him and surpassed Cuiyan Louchuan in a short time.
/At this time, the murderous spirit in the fallen land was fierce, the murderous intention was boiling, and the kil