sence, the furnace body has been crushed from the present world. All realms and phases are falling continuously.

As for today, when Chu Weiyang looked at it, the furnace itself had gradually approached the spiritual and mysterious realm, and it was also very close to the real realms of Yin and Ming.
Once it comes to Yin Ming and the concept of the real edge of life and death, Chu Weiyang has reason to believe that when the providence of life and death participates in the truly ultimate battlefield, it will truly become the “wave” that determines the outcome of the tripod. .
Except for this place, Chu Weiyang could clearly notice that in front of the nine-room Yuping Heavenly Realm, near the bloody Shenxia, ??was Old Taoist Xing sitting in the air. It looked like a grazing formation, but in the Under Chu Weiyang’s real sense, the aura of Taoist Xing’s cultivation was already completely different from the previous one.
Really take that step regardless of your own safety!
Even compared to the majestic arrogance of the old Zen master and Tian Yanzi earlier, at this moment, the old Taoist Xing is even more incapable of feeling the true manifestation of his aura, as if the inner and outer world are completely isolated, and the old Taoist has left this world. Independent in general.
Chu Weiyang can probably think about what kind of path Master Xing is taking. Master Xing has truly accommodated the dojo into his body.
Different from Chu Weiyang’s own body, the three-yuan Dantian interweaves and resonates with the three-realm dojo.
Today, Taoist Master Xing has truly contained the dojo, where the dangerous thunder and magnetic storm of the Five Elements is brewing, in his physical Taoist body, and has refined it into the origin of Taoism.
/This is in the true sense that after cutting off the connection between the Taoist temple and the realm of heaven, the Taoism of one’s own body is mixed with the celestial phenomena of the Taoist temple. Its human-like god essence is the origin of the Taoism of the Taoist temple.
It is precisely because of this that we can achieve a true sense of unity without distinction between each other, and between the internal and external isolation, there is a thin but complete unity of Taoism and nature, the characteristics of complete form, spirit and universe, which also makes Even Chu Weiyang has never been able to truly understand the reality of Taoist Xing’s aura.
Of course, during this very short period of viewing, there were a few flashes of trance. When Chu Weiyang looked carefully, he felt that what was shining in the distant sky was not the body of an old Taoist. The shape of the cauldron, hanging above the vast ocean of the troubled world, is clearly a five-color cauldron.
/The big cauldron seems to be made by smelting the five mountains of Yuanci, and the pure gold and jade are integrated into one. The evil liquid in the cauldron is boiling, and the spiritual light is tumbling. It seems that in a drop of evil liquid, there is a supreme magic circle penetrating through it, and i