Duke Archibald for a long time, and he didn’t quite understand what Duke Archibald meant, so he asked softly.

The Nahum family has invested a lot of money in this land, and coupled with the wealth used to acquire this land, this kind of loss will be painful even for a noble family like the Nahum family.
No matter what Duke Archibald’s attitude is, the construction projects here need to consider suspension.
Because there should be some disputes next, and the construction here is likely to be destroyed by then, so it is better to stop the work first to reduce losses.
“We can’t stop the work and let the workers not be careless. Anyone who dares to cut corners or cut corners will be directly executed!” Duke Archibald turned his head and said in a deep voice.
/“Are you not ready to give up this territory?” the steward asked in surprise.
He thought that Duke Archibald would give up, but he didn’t expect that Duke Archibald would be so courageous. He couldn’t help but worry about his own safety.
That person’s methods were extremely terrifying. It was normal for a whole family to be massacred. If Duke Archibald was really prepared to take revenge on that person, he would consider sending his family away.
The steward himself wanted to leave, but as the steward of the Nahum family, he could not leave. However, he was not prepared to let his family sacrifice. He planned to send his family away immediately when he returned.
/“Why should the Nahum family compete with Duke Arthur for territory?” Duke Archibald asked helplessly.
“Then why do the projects here continue?” The butler still didn’t understand what Duke Archibald meant.
“We occupy Duke Arthur’s territory. If we stop the project at this time, Duke Arthur will think that we have destroyed his territory facilities. Think about the consequences?” Duke Archibald looked at him. He said with a look of fear.
Duke Archibald was very angry, but he did not dare to show any expression of this anger.
Who is Duke Arthur?
That was the existence that destroyed the powerful Denis family. August’s fifth-level Templar and Job’s fifth-level Templar were both killed by Duke Arthur. Regardless of whether there is evidence or not, anyone with a discerning eye can see this clearly.
Being able to kill a fifth-level Templar, no matter what method is used, has a combat power that is equal to or even surpasses that of the top nobles.
At least if the top nobles wanted to kill a fifth-level Templar, it would be difficult to do so without paying a huge price.
With such a powerful Duke Arthur as his enemy, Duke Archibald needs to report his intention to put the entire Nahum family in danger, and the news of Duke Arthur’s reception a few days ago has already spread throughout the nobles. circle.
Duke Arthur is no longer an isolated existence now. He has dozens of fifth-level strong friends beside him, has the support of many top nobles, and has the friendship of at least two major temple bishops, and even has the Annabelle The Templars publicly stated their support.
As long as Duke Arch