etreat, with the intention of breaking through in one fell swoop and cultivating the Yuanshi Dao realm.

The black jade Ganoderma lucidum was watered by Yuanshi Daoqi, and it immediately burst out of the ground. It grew at an astonishing speed, getting taller and bigger, and the black innate immortal aura built its spiritual roots together, and its power became stronger and stronger!
Everyone in the Dao Alliance was very surprised when they saw it.
On the other side, the Lord of the Chaos Palace, Hun Tunsheng, came to the Great Rift Valley of the Chaos Sea, but he saw people from the Yi Alliance coming and going, and they actually had close contacts with the Chaos Lord.
Hutunsheng stepped forward.
This was originally the residence of the Chaos Lord. Later, the Chaos Lord Taihuang fought with Yuxu Tianzun. Unable to hold back, Taihuang split open this world-shattering rift valley with his sword.
Hutunsheng is no stranger to this place. He has been here several times. The last time he came here was to attack Xinzhou. Originally, Gu Daosheng came here first and tried to refine the new universe, but Yuan Weiyang resisted.
Yuan Weiyang raised the Lingque Bridge and almost killed Gu Daosheng. Only then did the five palace masters gather here to besiege Xinzhou.
/However, the Chaos Bell was also here and almost killed the five hall masters.
Fortunately, Taoist leader Yuanxu came to the rescue in time, and the five palace masters were saved from death. But even if Yuanxu takes action himself, he cannot overcome the guardianship of the Chaos Bell Ye Lingque Bridge and cannot destroy the New Hunyuan Universe.
In addition, the strong men of the Yi League came to support Xinzhou and Chaos Bell after hearing the news, so the two sides were in a stalemate.
Yuanxu, the leader of the Taoist League, calculated that the Taoist League was in trouble and went back to support him. Only after returning did he find that Xu Ying was going on a killing spree in the Taoist League.
When Hun Tunsheng returned to his old place, he immediately attracted the hostile eyes of many powerful members of the Yi League. Immediately, many people came forward to fight, but before they could get close to Huntunsheng, they saw themselves spinning around and somehow falling into the sea of ??chaos.
“Huntun Sheng has reached the end of the path of chaos, don’t act rashly!”
Hutunsheng had never dealt with him, but now that he saw him, he felt little interest.
At this time, a young man with fine features came forward, bowed from a distance and said, “Are you Hutunsheng? Xu Daozu knew you were coming, so he asked me to come and invite you. Please come with me.”
Hutunsheng was surprised and said, “How did Xu Ying know that I would come?”
The young man smiled and said: “I don’t know about this. Have you cultivated to the end of the path of chaos?”
Hutunsheng saw that his cultivation was not weak, and he had cultivated several innate avenues to the level of Tao Master. It was very impressive, so he asked, “Dare you ask me, my friend?”
“My name is Yu