d red banners unfolded, and almost instantly, as Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and thoughts reflected, when the aura of the Langhuan seal pattern on the banners flowed, the heaven and earth where the treasure originated were opened.

On top of the nine piles of earth, the Qiankun Dharma Furnace stands on top of the sky and the earth!
Beside the Qiankun Dharma Furnace is Chun Yuzhi, wearing a crimson robe, sitting in meditation.
It’s just that maybe the flames of the Forging Dharma in the Qiankun Dharma Furnace were too hot. Even when Chunyu Zhi was entering concentration, his face looked crimson, as if it was reflecting the flames on his side.
However, Chu Weiyang holds the golden red flag, which is almost equivalent to being interconnected with Chun Yuzhi’s golden elixir Taoist fruit. The Taoist couldn’t know more clearly what kind of cultivation state Chun Yuzhi was in at this time.
She has completely completed the process of laying the foundation for the Golden Core realm, both during her long-term retreat and through Chu Weiyang’s continuous practice after entering this realm.
After all, this golden red banner flag, this natal magic weapon of Chun Yuzhi, is a treasure controlled by Chu Weiyang’s human and weapon integration. The progress of Chu Weiyang’s practice is also nourishing the origin of the treasure, and then nourishing it. Chunyuzhi’s golden elixir and Taoist fruit.
And it was precisely because it was clear that Chun Yuzhi had completed the process of consolidating the foundation that Chu Weiyang dared to rashly reveal the origin of the treasure.
When you look at it, it seems that there is something wrong with Chu Weiyang’s induction. Chun Yuzhi is still sitting there, immersed in concentration and forgetfulness. When he is detached from the outside world, he seems to be still immersed in his own practice.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s call was transmitted into the world of treasures.
“Jade Fat Slave”
The figure was still majestic and motionless, but when he carefully sensed it, Chun Yuzhi’s soft and long breathing suddenly became cramped and disordered for a moment.
/But she still hadn’t woken up from her trance, and was still immersed in practicing the law.
It seems impossible to wake up someone who is really pretending to be asleep.
/But at this moment, a rare and gentle smile appeared on Chu Weiyang’s face.
“Yuzhi slave, I need you to help me.”
When the words fell, Chun Yuzhi’s eyes trembled slightly, and finally opened in an instant, squinting at Chu Weiyang with clear eyes.
Even though Chu Weiyang had stopped in the same realm as her and had enlightenment twice, at this moment, looking at Chun Yuzhi’s expression, he still seemed to be firmly stationed on the top of the mountain, raising his head and looking down. What are you wearing?
“So many fairies and beauties from all kinds of sects have come to beg you to help them. Now that you are in trouble, you don’t go to them, but you want me to help?”
These words are somewhat sour.
However, with these words, Chunyu Zhidu still devoted some o