Qi Refiner?”

Xu Ying was a little disappointed. He thought that the mysterious voice was talking about the Nuo master’s Nuo technique, and he couldn’t help but feel a little excited. Unexpectedly, it was not the case at all.
“What is a Qi Refiner? Isn’t it the magic that I practice?”
He was a little confused and said, “Senior, can you help me open the secret treasure of Niwan and teach me the Nuo method?”
The voice was very irritable and said: “What you practice is obviously a Qi practitioner’s technique and has nothing to do with demonic techniques! As for the Nuo technique, what is it? Stop talking nonsense, I will teach you how to look inside. Your eyes It seems to be closed but not closed. There is only a ray of light in front of you. Look at your nose and have a thought in your mind. This thought is your consciousness. Listen to my command, your eyes are the sun and the moon, your hair is the stars, your eyebrows are the canopy, your head is the Kunlun, and the arrangement is Palace, place your spirit! I want you to place your spirit between your eyes, turn your spirit into a thought, and refine this thought into divine consciousness!”
Xu Ying’s eyes seemed to be open but not closed, and there was only a ray of light in front of his eyes. He looked at the wings of his nose, but what he saw in his eyes was not the wings of his nose, but a ray of light.
/His consciousness was focused on this ray of light, with only one thought in mind and nothing else.
The voice was deafening and continued to ring in his mind, saying: “Refining consciousness into divine consciousness, you can see the light in front of you is a door, push the door and enter, it is the realm of Xiyi in the body! But refining consciousness is Divine consciousness will take several days, wait until you refine it and then call me?”
Xu Ying’s eyes were half-open and half-closed, and there seemed to be a faint divine light between them!
This is divine consciousness!
The voice screamed in surprise and almost jumped out from the back of Xu Ying’s head.
What made the sound was the big copper bell hidden in the back of Xu Ying’s head. Last night, this big bell killed everyone on the Nai River, killing six or seven powerful enemies. Unexpectedly, the girl in the coffin escaped and severely damaged it.
It tried its best to escape, hit the mountain stream, rolled down the mountain, and fell to the side of the mountain stream. It tried to heal the injury, but it was too severe to heal on its own.
Xu Ying happened to be passing by and wanted to touch its “head”. It realized that Xu Ying was a Qi practitioner, so it decided to touch it.
The big bronze bell hid in Xu Ying’s mind and stole his Qi and blood to heal his injuries. However, Xu Ying was clearly a Qi practitioner but didn’t know how to practice. It really made it angry, so he gave some advice.
As the saying goes, it is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish. It is also said that he cannot let go of his wife and trap a gangster. It is also said that if you want a horse to run