!” Old Chen said in a deep voice.

“Well, I also have someone here. Let’s not talk about it. You and I will probably have a decisive battle tonight!” Wang Xuan felt a strange atmosphere.
There are many robots around the hotel.
What made him feel most dangerous was the area outside the city, which aroused his alertness in the spiritual realm.
He came to the high-rise building and looked out over Jingyue City.
In the darkness, there is a man wearing armor, with flowing runes, bright and sacred, like a god, standing at the end of the horizon.
“Wang Xuan, someone asked you to go out of the city.” A robot spoke, and added: “He said that myths are rotten, and people like you must recognize the reality. Otherwise, you will be liquidated in three years. It’s not too late to look back now, he is willing to give you a chance.”
At night, a few thin clouds half-covered the stars and moon, and part of the moonlight and starlight fell on the city.
“It’s late at night. He’s so high up. He thinks he’s a god? He’s looking down at me. I don’t know if it’s a human or a ghost, a cat or a dog. He just asks me to leave the city?”
Wang Xuan was disgusted. The robot repeated the man’s words. His attitude was too high. Did he really think that the new star of the Sun family could command extraordinary beings?
It’s not like he has never beaten or killed anyone from the Sun family before!
Why was he liquidated and given a chance? The Sun family thought they had control of everything and had no rivals in Xinxing?
Wang Xuan originally wanted to go out of town to fight the Sun family.
But if the other party treats him with such contempt, who does he think he is, a lower-ranking person who listens to his admonitions? It comes when you call it and goes away when you wave it.
Tonight, he would definitely go out of the city to end things with the Sun family, but he would not follow their pace. If you follow the robot like this, it will be too cheap.
“Let him wait, I don’t have time to talk to him now!” Wang Xuan turned around and left, returning to the hotel room.
There are many robots in Jingyue City, but they all look like ordinary people, hiding steel skeletons, etc., arranged around the hotel.
Wang Xuan calculated the time and realized that the decisive battle in Mucheng should begin. I wonder what happened to Lao Chen.
“Zhong Cheng, you should be able to see the battle on the spot. Show me the screen. I want to know Lao Chen’s current situation.”
He contacted the Zhong siblings and wanted to know about Chen Yongjie’s decisive battle outside Mucheng through them in real time.
“Okay, wait a moment. It’s already started. My nervous palms are sweating and the atmosphere is depressing. The Sun family is really full of masters, combining science and technology!”
/This place is not open to ordinary people. Some events have too great an impact!
Wang Xuan immediately projected the screen, and the three-dimensional video appeared in the room. The battle outside Mucheng had indeed begun!
An energy beam flew towards him, it wa