Xu Ying’s face was kind, and his hands gradually became stronger: “If I want to run away, I will blow you up, you know?”
The two immortal roots immediately gave up their struggle and became obedient.
Xue Ying’an clicked his tongue and said in surprise: “If I had known that the immortal roots could be frightened, I wouldn’t have had to work so hard.”
Hearing this, Xian Qi thought to himself: “You are not a great evil person, how can your spiritual roots be afraid of you? If I don’t kill you, it will be regarded as the ancestors burning incense!”
In Xue Ying’an’s Xiyi Realm, the red bean fairy roots in the Yaochi thrashed the water uneasily, seeming to be aware of the situation of the two fairy roots.
Xu Ying activated his heavenly eyes and searched for the two immortal roots. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he reached out and picked out the essence of the original path from the two immortal roots.
He took the essence of the original path accumulated by these two immortal roots, which immediately stimulated the immortal medicine from Huang Ting and Jiang Palace, and his consciousness and power increased crazily!
His body exuded bursts of strange fragrance, and the divine consciousness elixir and the mental elixir were constantly being refined by the essence of the original path!
“The Nuo method is a way to unlock the six secrets of the human body and catch the elixir. However, the Nuo method taught in the world is often not the correct method, but the method of cutting leeks after careful pruning.”
Xu Ying had a clear understanding in his heart, “The Zhengfa is a method of refining elixirs and is spread on a small scale. However, the current Zhengfa is not good enough to refine the elixirs from the six secrets, so that there are still a large amount of them in the human body. The elixir cannot be refined. In the long run, if you reach the ascension stage or the Nuo Immortal realm, you will still become a leek.
“But the essence of the original path condensed by the immortal spiritual roots can help Master Nuo refine the immortal medicine and make his cultivation strength improve by leaps and bounds!”
/The essence of the original way is the key to avoid being cut!
Xu Ying let go of the ivy and tea tree and said with a smile: “You are lucky if it falls into my hands. Let’s go.”
The two immortal spiritual roots were relieved. They were sluggish just a moment ago, but they became lively the next moment. One plunged into the jade mountain and disappeared without a trace, while the other ran wildly and disappeared into the mountains.
Xue Ying’an was dumbfounded. Zhu Hongyi chased him here. When he saw this, he stamped his feet and said, “Why did you let go of the fairy grass?”
She started to chase, but where could she find those two immortal roots?
Xu Ying explained: “The usefulness of these Immortal Dao Spiritual Roots is the Original Dao Essence they have accumulated. Just collect the Original Dao Essence. After collecting it, of course you have to put it away. When they refine more Original Dao Essence,