efeated by Zhou Qiyun, was just an ordinary Nuo Immortal. But at this moment, Yuan Wuji’s strength was beyond his expectation!

Judging from Yuan Wuji’s method of breaking the ban, this person’s tricks are endless, and his various magical powers are ever-changing and endless. He is really capable of extreme changes!
Xu Ying had never seen anyone who could use Nuo magic to such a level, and thought to himself: “No wonder Zhou Qiyun said that all the children of the Yuan family are extremely intelligent, and Yuan Wuji, the ancestor of the Yuan family, is the same.”
Suddenly, divine light emerged, and a majestic golden figure rose gradually and appeared among the mountains. Even from such a distance, you could still hear the humming sound of thousands of people chanting, which made people confused!
The low-level Qi refiners around Xu Ying could no longer hold on, and they all became dizzy and fell into the mercury river.
But surprisingly, they did not sink into the river, but floated on the water and did not die.
But the next moment, there seemed to be some kind of creature in the mercury river. It stretched out its extremely slender roots and penetrated into their skin. The part that touched the skin immediately spurted blood!
“There’s something in the river!”
The other Qi refiners screamed and hurriedly came to the rescue. The thin bamboo man grabbed one person and pulled him up. He saw that the flesh and blood of the person being pulled was torn apart. There were as many as hundred and ten silver roots that had penetrated into the body at this moment. Into that person’s skin and flesh, clinging to the bones!
The thin bamboo man lifted it hard, and half of the Qi Refiner’s body was almost torn off!
The thin bamboo man was shocked and did not dare to use any force. When he was helpless, he saw that the silver roots had penetrated all over the Qi Refiner’s body!
The Qi Refiner’s eyes also turned into the color of mercury, and gurgling mercury sprayed out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and fell on the hand of the thin bamboo man!
The thin bamboo man felt a pain in his palm and hurriedly retreated, only to tear off a large piece of his own hand skin!
There was actually a silver root in the mercury. The moment it came into contact with his palm, it penetrated into his skin, making it impossible even for him, a great qigong master in the ascension stage, to bear it!
The thin bamboo man held back the pain and looked around. He saw the Qi Master who had just rescued the drowning man. The person he was holding now had mercury gushing out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose!
/He was so frightened that he shouted loudly: “Don’t touch the mercury!”
However, it was too late. The gushing mercury fell on the rescuers, and extremely slender silver roots penetrated into their skin, penetrated along the skin into the flesh, and then wrapped around their bones!
This kind of tarsal root contact grew extremely fast, and the next moment it was wrapped around the bones of those people, and then billowing mercury poured