nse malice coming from the entire world.

boom! !
Applying pressure again with his fist, Lu Bei frowned and looked at the intact Zhilanxian, and said sincerely: “You guys who are cultivators are really tough, especially your heart and soul. Three consecutive punches can’t knock you out. This time I lose.”
As he spoke, Zhilanxian’s body quickly turned into sand, and his ashes were flying all over the sky.
Lu Bei used his backhand to reach out to the Great Power Sky, injecting the Immortal Sword Intent into it, and the black light swept to the horizon in the blink of an eye.
/[You killed Zhilanxian and gained 10 million experience points. After determining that the opponent’s level difference is greater than level 20, you will be rewarded with 10 million experience points]
Lu Bei:
Now she is facing an extremely serious problem.
Level 89 is neither above nor below the realm of transformation, and is in the middle range. Basically, when you encounter a more powerful Void Refining realm, it is almost always between levels 110-119.
Every time you kill one, you get double rewards.
Once she upgrades, the advantage of double rewards will no longer exist. Losing a sum of experience will be more uncomfortable than killing her.
If you don’t upgrade and continue to be reckless like this, your experience is enough, but you must rely on the Great Strength Heaven every time you kill someone in the Void Refining Realm.
It’s not that it’s not good to use foreign objects. Equipment is part of strength, which is understandable, but
Lu Bei prefers real power rather than equipment that may be lost.
/After taking a look at the 128 million experience points in her inventory, she gritted her teeth and decided to endure it for a while longer and not upgrade if she felt a little wronged. It would not be too late to consider upgrading once she had collected 200 million experience points.
Thinking of this, she turned to look at the running 20 million experience, grinned, and raised an evil thread: “Little Bai Mao, run faster, my sister is going to chase you.”
It’s not a good place to stay for a long time!
Now Tianzheng Laomo just wants to go back to the peaceful doghouse of Huangji Sect and wag her tail obediently in the next life. Thinking on the bright side, with her current qualities, she might be able to hit a certain elder’s fancy.
Hey, that’s a good relationship. You don’t have to live in a doghouse anymore. The mother is worth the price of the child. Now we can become a couple of great elders.
The golden light came in all directions, and under the horrified gaze of Old Demon Tianzheng, it dragged the arc around a long way and blocked it in front of her.
How is it possible? This person is faster than me!
“Jie Jie Jie”
Lu Bei clenched his fists with his arms crossed, and as the white light flashed, there seemed to be countless iron swords ringing softly.
“Wait a minute, I understand the rules.”
Seeing Lu Bei kill him in pain, Tianzheng Laomo raised his hand to stop, put his hands on his hips and sai