jured, he gradually recovered and his spirit seemed to be stronger.

“Suffering endless pain and tempering yourself when on the verge of death. Such extreme practice is indeed effective and very tempering.”
But this method is undoubtedly very time-consuming, and it will destroy oneself at every turn, which is not something ordinary people can bear.
Even if you have no fear in your heart and are not afraid of death, it is not suitable for you to enter. If you really dare to exercise your spirit like this, it would have been spent long ago by someone else.
/He returned to the pool again, using the unparalleled vitality here to nourish himself, replenish his vitality, and eliminate various hidden dangers until his spirit peeled off.
Wang Xuan is sure that if he continues like this, he will definitely be able to advance to the next level, and it will not be as simple as just breaking through.
“If I come here a few more times and continue to understand the experience of ‘Thunder Strikes Wood’, I will most likely reach the later stage of the next realm!”
He recuperated here, washed away the “scorch marks”, and became energetic and stronger again. In the outside world, his flesh and blood had also been burnt a little, and now his skin was partially peeling. Silver light flowed, and his vitality was extremely strong.
His vision came true. He replaced the supermatter in a radical way. Although his physical body was damaged at first, it finally received a trace of silver light.
Wang Xuan still doesn’t know how dangerous the physical body in the outside world was just now. When his spirit was robbed, his physical body also attracted a faint red mist.
Of course, it was just an extremely faint dot of mist, which almost peeled off a layer of skin after crossing his body surface!
After the disaster, in the barren soil, his body became stronger, his physique improved, and the silver light healed those terrible injuries.
If Wang Xuan had known the process in advance, he might not have dared to do this. This extreme way of practice is a bit like bungee jumping at the entrance of a dark hell.
In this way, Wang Xuan, unaware of the outside world, began to toss again.
After he recovered from his injuries, he quickly ran into the depths of darkness and waited for the red glow to appear. He was indeed walking on the dividing line between life and death.
After two times, he brought a silver animal skin book. This thing is magical. There are hundreds of characters on it, and each one can absorb a lot of silver substances.
Just when Wang Xuan was extremely harsh on himself and engaged in extreme cultivation, the outside world was also going through various tossings and he could not calm down.
In the big scene, the Xiaoyao boat is flying, and the human sword appears again, causing chaos in several fairy worlds. The corresponding peerless masters in each big scene are taking action, chasing the treasure.
In the real world, in outer space, Chen Yongjie’s spirit left the spaceship and was burning slightly in the face of the sun. H