pending immortality, pushing the level of life to the extreme, and from then on, one can truly achieve immortality.

Unfortunately, over the long years, no one has been able to prove it successfully. All the people related to the emergence were definitely dead when they were discovered.
In fact, the “archaeological team” sent by Xinxing’s chaebol once dug up the humanoid ashes of that kind of person in the old soil, who died an ungraceful death.
The woman in front of her was mentioned in other pre-Qin bamboo slips. She was considered to be the top powerful alchemist. She aspired to become an immortal, so she naturally wanted to take the path of becoming an immortal.
Unfortunately, it seems that she has failed now, which explains why she died while her body still had a long lifespan.
Intervening from the perspective of scientific testing, no injuries were found and the cause of death was unknown.
But judging from the old technique, her spiritual will was shattered and completely wiped out at that time. It is impossible for such a person to come back to life again.
Wang Xuan was fascinated by what he heard, another case of failure in becoming an immortal!
There are too many legends about immortals, but once we trace them back more carefully, we find that they are just becoming immortals, not becoming immortals.
Especially in this era of splendid scientific and technological civilization, many life research institutes of Xinxing and major chaebols, etc., in order to pursue immortality, have dug through the old soil, and more than once actually found the characters recorded in “The Legend of the Immortals”, and opened the underground palace for the first time. Seeing their lifelike forms sometimes made people shocked, but after a while it made people sigh. Unfortunately, the legendary people turned into ashes in a short period of time, which directly confirmed that they had not ascended to immortality.
For example, Chi Xuzi, the true immortal mentioned in “The Legend of Immortals”, was found in the tomb in the old times and found a pool of ashes. As for Guan Lingyin, even the coffin was dug out and has been placed in the museum as a cultural relic for many years.
Wang Xuan didn’t care whether the Immortals were falsified or not. Today he learned about the life limit of alchemists. This news was important enough for him.
The woman lying in the bamboo boat, as a top alchemist, can live to at least seven hundred years old, and the upper limit is nine hundred and fifty years old. Her life span is indeed not short.
/It is confirmed by the more famous alchemists in history, such as the famous Peng Zu. It is said that he lived to be 800 years old, which is indeed within this range.
Wang Xuan suddenly became full of confidence. If he really sets foot in that field one day, he will have enough time to think about the problems after the end of the old art road.
But after calming down, he also thought about some of the problems.
/For example, this woman obviously still has enough longevity, why is she so anxious to bec