od, shocking all directions.

The long green sword of the Sun family was broken into more than a dozen pieces and was crushed into pieces. It was incomparable to the short sword. A section would be broken off with every blow and fall into the sky.
The sharp dagger was like a comet flying across the sky towards the man in armor in front of him. The sword’s light was unparalleled and it arrived in an instant.
“Destroy it!”
A wheel of light suddenly appeared in the hand of the man wearing armor. It was colorful and looked like a divine object at first glance. It turned into a mist of five elements of light, as if it was about to shatter the sky.
He shook his hands and smashed it out. The light wheel rotated, blurring the night sky, and the space seemed to be distorted.
Those who had watched the previous battle immediately realized that this was a rare treasure, something belonging to legend, a divine object that could change the situation of the battle!
The dagger was hit, and the expected fragmentation of the sword body did not occur. The dagger was indeed smashed and flew into the distance, but it was not damaged at all.
/The Five Elements Nimbus was extremely terrifying, and the super matter was boiling. However, the man in armor was stunned and shocked, and a crack appeared on the Nimbus.
“How is that possible!?” He was stunned. This was a rare treasure, extremely powerful, even more powerful than the ancient lamp that had not been transformed earlier.
The short sword had no runes and was not a rare treasure. However, in terms of hardness and sharpness, it seemed to be unmatched, and it did not even block the Five Elements Nimbus.
However, this does not affect the power of the Five Elements Light Wheel. The super matter rises and falls like the vast sea. When it flies forward, the space is blurred and seems to be distorted.
In the sky, a night bird was frightened and flew up from the forest in the distance. It was still far away before it exploded and turned into a blood mist.
The ground cracked, and black cracks a foot or two wide were densely intertwined on the ground.
Especially when the Five Elements Nimbus fell from a high altitude, swooped towards Wang Xuan, and crashed down at extremely high speed. Amidst the terrifying sonic boom, the ground collapsed and then exploded, as if there was an invisible force hitting the ground. Hundreds of kilograms of , Thousands of kilograms of rocks flying everywhere.
A dark red beam of light flew out from the ancient lamp, tens of meters long, and turned into a sky-shattering rainbow, just like Hou Yi shooting the sun and hitting the five-element light wheel in the sky.
The colorful light suddenly dimmed, the light wheel shook, and almost fell down.
In the distance, the man wearing ancient armor felt his heart sink. The ancient lamp seemed to have a strange fire, and it had become so powerful?
The Five Elements Light Wheel trembled, burst into brilliance again, and pressed down.
Wang Xuan activated the ancient lamp and fully dem