technique as Locking the Void took too much energy. She felt extremely tired and was afraid that Gu Mingxi would break away and escape.

“Here we come!” Wang Xuan deeply realized how powerful the suppression of the Great Realm was. After understanding his current combat power, he should really work hard to improve himself.
However, this does not mean that he cannot deal with people in the early stage of Xiaoyao. For example, the green-clothed master in front of him, he has the strength to take down.
/The sword energy soared into the sky, extremely gorgeous and dazzling!
Wang Xuan used the Zhan Dao Sword contained in the golden bamboo slips of the Pre-Qin Dynasty. More than half a month ago, he read this sword sutra to the Sword Fairy, which made that little thing extremely obsessed and shocked. As you can imagine, this kind of sword sutra How extraordinary.
He used a sword, but he used the Sword Sutra. The beams of light lit up one after another, intertwining in the void, fighting and confronting the man in green.
Finally, the true meaning of the Zhan Dao Sword Sutra emerged, and a dense text flashed across the void. The beams of light criss-crossed, crushing the man’s divine hammer.
Then with a pop, the Zandao Sword decapitated the man, and then his body was continuously pierced by the beam, and exploded with a pop. Even the soul was destroyed by the Zandao Sword, and both body and soul were destroyed.
Wang Xuan strode forward, and several people in front of him tried to escape. As a result, when the sword light expanded, they all died under the Zhandao sword, and they were all strangled into blood mist.
Everyone was stunned. Who is the Immortal Queen? They come from behind the scenes and have access to monastic resources far beyond the imagination of the world.
Here, no one is a transcendent in the general sense. They all have a considerable background and should be stronger than other transcendent beings.
As a result, Wang Xuan was able to destroy all enemies and kill those who stood in his way with the mysterious sword scripture. He swept all the way and was invincible.
The most heart-shaking thing is that the suppression of the Great Realm level did not have much effect on him. Even a master of Xiaoyaoyou level was killed by his sharp sword light!
“If he is promoted to the realm of Xiaoyaoyou, he will be a famous genius who is a few realms higher than him. There is a high probability that he will not be able to block his sword!” Someone whispered.
Of course there are more powerful people in this place, but there is no end. Are you kidding me? What if the Four Demons come back or Bai Yuxian appears?
“He seems to have broken through again recently!” someone whispered.
This is a bit scary. In this era, Wang Xuan can still continuously improve his realm in the depleted world.
Many people are afraid that once Wang Xuan sets foot in the realm of Xiaoyaoyou, if he really wants to take revenge, few people will be able to stop him.
“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Zhou Qinghuang shouted. Now she is no longer