ealth stove pulsed, as if sending a message to the outside world, in a way that was difficult for extraordinary people to understand!

This shocked Wang Xuan. The civilization behind several treasures was extremely mysterious, and their brainchild was not as quiet as imagined.
He stopped quickly, fearing that someone would notice something unusual here.
Not long after, a dazzling sword light cut through the sky and the earth, splitting the void in the world where Zheng Yuantian was located. The sword light was unparalleled, reflecting the past and present.
“The Sword of the World actually appeared, and it’s still on Zheng Xianzu’s territory!” The immortals were surprised, their eyes were fiery, but no one dared to fight for it.
However, the real master, Zheng Yuantian himself, was so excited that his body trembled. He was not excited, but a little scared.
He thought that this was not a good thing. He had already experienced this before. Now in his current state, he could not get the treasure and might be killed.
At the same time, the “Ancestors of the Nether Blood Cult” came back to fight for the treasure. At the same time, someone also hit him hard, and Zheng Yuantian was beaten to pieces.
“Me!” Lao Zheng was miserable. Seeing the treasure flying in the sky, he was truly frightened.
The city is showing off whether it is an immortal or a demon, and only one Zheng Yuantian is being beaten. Whoever comes is showing off his identity as the ancestor of the Netherblood Cult, and takes advantage of the opportunity to beat Old Zheng.
Some people took advantage of the chaos and tried to steal the Demon King’s blood from Zheng Yuantian’s hands, while others really wanted to kill him and took advantage of the situation to kill him while fighting for the treasure.
Zheng Yuantian was in great pain, being strangled by the golden scroll, with blood splattering everywhere. It was already miserable enough, but he also had to be on guard against all kinds of monsters, ghosts and snakes, and it was impossible to guard against him.
No one showed mercy, and they would kill him when he came up. With a pop, someone not only wanted to take away the blood of the ancient demon emperor in his hand, but also refined his broken arm and took away his true blood.
Zheng Yuantian was furious. He had always been the one to devour others, but today he himself was reduced to a plate of meat. That was his innate true blood. His severed body could have been reunited, but now it is permanently lost.
“Everyone, you are going to do it to the death, right? Well, I, Zheng Yuantian, will fight hard. Even if my body and soul are destroyed today, my body will be broken into pieces, I still have to drag two people on my back!”
He was angry, his whole body was on fire, his hair was disheveled, he stood upright in an instant, his huge body stood outside the sky, his blood was boiling, and he wanted to burn both jade and stone.
/The reality is cruel. At this level, no one cares about his threat. A big hand fan fell down and hit his body. With a bang,