ter of the Chu family, you are injured and cannot escape far. You must be chasing Mr. Xu, right?”

Hua Cuoying’s voice came and she said with a smile, “Master Xu, where are you hiding? I have no ill intentions, I just want to invite you to visit Wei Xu. As long as you hand over the Chu family sister, you will still be my Wei Xu.” Guest of honor.”
Her consciousness swept through the void and even caused the heaven and earth of this hidden scene to vibrate, as if it might collapse at any time!
Suddenly, a twelve-story building appeared behind Hua Cuoying. The sacred tower hung up and settled in mid-air.
As soon as this building comes out, the hidden scene has a tendency to collapse!
Xu Ying was shocked, and when he saw that each floor of the sacred building had its own imprint, he was even more shocked: “This sacred building is”
There was something discovered in Hua Cuo’s image, which led to the sudden disappearance of the sacred tower and the disintegration of the hidden scene. Only then did it stop.
Li Xiaoke and his wife also breathed a sigh of relief.
Just now, there was a vision of heaven and earth, and the couple cuddled together without speaking.
“Did you also see that sacred tower?” Chu Xiangxiang asked.
Xu Ying was surprised and nodded: “That sacred tower”
“That divine tower is a twelve-story tower that was used to refine the existence of the twelve signs of the soul. It was cut off and refined into a magic weapon.”
Chu Xiangxiang said, “The Twelve Signs of the Yuan Shen are the twelve ultimate realms in the Chonglou stage. Each floor has one extreme realm, so it is called the Twelve Signs of the Yuan Shen. However, most Qi refiners can The potential of this life has been exhausted by becoming a primordial spirit. They are often trapped in this realm. There are not even one qi master in ten who can ascend the twelfth floor of the primordial spirit and fly to the Yaochi. As for those who have achieved one levy and two levies. , are even rarer, and it is not an exaggeration to choose one from a hundred. As for those who have perfected the twelve signs of the soul.”
She shook her head and said: “My father said that there may not be one such person in all the worlds every ten thousand years.”
Xu Ying asked: “That’s not what I mean. What I mean is, why is there a mark of my appearance on every floor of that sacred tower?”
Chu Xiangxiang looked at him deeply and said, “Because you are the only one who has perfected the twelve signs of the soul.”
/Xu Ying recalled the conversation he had with Nuo Peng in the name of Gu Feiyu when he was in Wuji Sect.
His voice was a little hoarse, and he continued to ask: “Then, why is my twelfth-story building in Hua Cuoying’s hands?”
He already knew the answer to this question, but he still wanted to hear it.
Chu Xiangxiang was silent for a moment and said: “Because they cut off your Chonglou, Yaochi, Shenqiao, Yujing, Three Passes, Furnace Cauldron and Cave Heaven, and refined them into treasures. This twelve-layered tower is extremely powerful. It has been sacrif