e didn’t show up when she waited.

Wang Xuan didn’t expect that it would take more than ten days to get to Zheng Yuantian’s territory from where he appeared. The area was so big.
“Okay, it would be better to wait until she reaches the peerless level before leaving!” Wang Xuan turned and left.
Next, he lay dormant and waited for time to pass. Now that Zheng Yuantian was beaten up and fell into the peerless realm, it would be the best time to kill him if Heng Jun’s ancient curse hadn’t been applied to him.
“However, if you survive for a day, you will still die, so just stay there.” He was looking at the map. The place where Lao Zheng was waiting to die was not very far from Hengjun’s dojo.
With Wang Xuan’s current strength, it would take about two days to get there. If the escape method was comparable to that of a peerless expert, it would be nothing.
He glanced at the majestic mountain range where Zheng Yuantian was located. Chaos sky thunder fell from time to time, and Old Zheng was still being struck!
“Actually, all parties are probably thinking about it now. At most, they can arrange one wave. The so-called things can only be done in three. Moreover, after the arrangements are made, Zheng Yuantian must be killed and leave immediately.”
Now, use the golden scroll to consume the ancient spell on him, the time has not yet come.
As expected, the mortal sword escaped, and even Hengjun could not leave it behind. The sword’s light surged and collided with the Feathered Flag once. The sky was full of anger, stars were shot through, and the scene was terrifying.
People were silent, the treasure was too difficult to capture, but Hengjun was able to obtain the Feathered Banner, which made people sigh in silence, as their luck was too great.
In the last period of time, Wang Xuan slowly understood the customs and customs of the fairy world. Generally speaking, the beauty of the mountains and rivers was full of decay, and the people’s hearts were pessimistic.
Now, everyone in the world knows that the fairy world is coming to an end, and many creatures are going crazy. There has been chaos everywhere for a long time, until they are exhausted and many people become numb and pessimistic.
In a small town, the atmosphere is gloomy.
“Zheng Xianzu’s dojo was destroyed. However, my family turned over all the spiritual objects and bought a place for me and my sister to leave. We can follow Zheng Xianzu’s camp and enter the human world. Now the huge cross-border altar has been destroyed. Will it be rebuilt?” Someone trembled.
That was a young man with hesitation written all over his face. He had spent everything he had. His whole family had sacrificed too much for his brother and sister, and now things were changing.
“Just now, one of Zheng Xianzu’s disciples said that they would not rebuild the altar. It’s no wonder they are here.” Someone sighed.
/The young man looked pale and said: “Can you return the spiritual object? It is all my family’s savings. If not, you can return half of it. I will go to the dojos of other ances