and the sharpness of the sword transformed by the power of the fifth-level bloodline to pierce a passage through the defensive net at one go.

The speed of the energy clone is getting faster and faster, so fast that the fourth-level priest on the ‘space ship’ activates the eagle eye technique, and can only see a thin white line flying.
Bloor’s fifth-level Templar had a good idea. He used the power of his blood to turn the sword into a sword, and pushed it with the energy clone at full speed. He only heard the cracking sound of the sword cutting through the defensive network. The sword’s initial impact At a few hundred meters, it is almost overwhelming.
When it reached one thousand meters, the speed of the sword was forced to slow down, the charging momentum was exhausted, and the resistance also increased.
However, the fifth-level Templar of Bloor was still very confident. He mobilized the power of his bloodline to push himself while replenishing the edge of his sword. Although the speed dropped, his forward momentum was not greatly affected. .
In his opinion, the defense net could not be too thick, but it was obvious that Caxton’s fifth-level Templar did not inform the temple of the thickness of the defense net through the contact circle, which biased his judgment.
The most important thing is that the fifth-level Templar of Bloor underestimated the horror of the defensive network. How did he know that David successfully entered the Lombu planet twice, but not through the defensive network.
This wrong judgment cost him. When he reached 2,500 meters, his momentum stopped.
As the speed of the fifth-level Templars of Bloor slowed down, the broken defense net in front locked the passing energy clones when they re-merged, which forced the fifth-level Templars of Bloor to stop. , handle this situation.
/But after he stopped, he couldn’t charge anymore. Countless thin threads of the defensive network were wrapped around his energy clone. He had consumed too much blood power before. If he wanted to move forward now, he could only Can forcibly use the power of blood to cut a passage.
In the small world, Gladstone, the God of Plague, looked at the energy clone of Bloor’s fifth-level Templar in the defensive net through a light curtain, like looking at an insect caught in a spider’s web.
The energy clone of Bloor’s fifth-level Templar who was trapped in mid-air continued to consume the blood power in his body and flew downwards little by little.
He did not dare to look back, because he was 100% sure that with the distance he had just charged forcefully, and with the power of blood in his body now, he would not be able to support himself from leaving the way he came.
There is only one way for Bloor’s fifth-level Templar. The power of his bloodline forms a sword edge, splitting a passage, and then the energy clone follows. However, every time he has to consume a lot more bloodline power to transfer the energy clone to his body. fine mesh separation.
He didn’t understand how the previous knight who entered Lumbu Plane