it and said: “Brother Xiong, have you seen the difference between us? The difference in tonnage is far away, not an order of magnitude. Their energy shield can protect it. If you blast it hundreds of times, it will still fail.” It can’t be penetrated!”

“What are you afraid of? This is not an ordinary spaceship. It is modified from the remains of a spaceship from another universe. The small size is just an appearance. It is really going to be a decisive battle. The firepower is super fierce!” The mechanical bear refused to accept and was about to attack.
/Everyone can see that this guy is a bit like a guy with a flat head. No matter whether he can be beaten or not, just rush up first and then fight!
“You have been captured. Disarm immediately and come over in the escape cabin. Otherwise, open fire immediately and crush you!”
The black ship was like a steel city, sending a signal to Wang Xuan and the others not to make any dangerous moves, otherwise they would be destroyed immediately.
“Everyone, come here!” Wang Xuan took out the treasure health furnace, activated it, and quickly enlarged it, allowing everyone to get in and prepare to attack the giant ship.
Only the mechanical bear did not believe in evil and refused to go in. He was ready to fight with the giant spaceship and said: “Turtle, how dare you threaten the bear? I will kill you!”
Wang Xuan ignored it. Anyway, it was an active metal life form and would not die easily. It could be broken into hundreds of pieces and can be melted and reassembled together.
“It is said that he failed to overcome the tribulation, but it is not very safe. After all, he killed several powerful gods in a row. It is better to deal with such a dangerous person with one shot.”
In the giant ship, a god wearing black gold armor spoke. He had black hair and black eyes. He was very heroic. He was in the second stage of Xiaoyaoyou. He was extremely powerful and was the avatar of the most powerful person in this world.
“Are you being too cautious? His breakthrough was blocked, but he is just a loser. Is it worth being so afraid?” Another person said, with blond hair like a waterfall, a tall figure, wearing a golden armor, and holding a huge sword. This is a powerful man. The clone of the Immortal.
“It’s a bit sad. Who are we and who is he? A young man in the real world is treated like this by three of the most powerful gods. If we tell it, it will be like a fantasy and will be treated as a joke!” A woman When she opened her mouth, the fiery red armor, made from the scales of the fire dragon, was wrapped around her body, highlighting her curves. Her face was white, beautiful but cold.
/“The situation is stronger than the person. He is indeed special and a very dangerous person. If you ask me, just kill him with a battleship and avoid future troubles.” The god wearing black armor spoke. His black pupils were deep and he was more inclined to be fast. obliterate.
“Since I accepted the entrusted task and the reward is generous, let’s give the employer a satisfactory explanation. Any