is no atmosphere, when you look at the universe from the surface, it is pitch black and deep, as if you are staring into a terrifying abyss, silent and profound.

There is a huge temperature difference between the surface and underground. The side of the ground facing the sun can quickly cook ordinary people, while the cold world underground can freeze people in an instant.
/Wang Xuan wore a single piece of clothing, quite casually, which made Minglun and Xian Yue envious. Both of them wore protective clothing made of special materials.
It’s not that they can’t resist it, but being in a harsh environment for a long time is a kind of consumption after all, which is not something they are willing to face.
The former pit was sunk and collapsed by later warships. Meteor blocks buried the terrifying underground world and deliberately concealed it.
Next to Minglun and Xianyue, they followed a team of robots, cleaning and digging appropriately, and traveling smoothly along the way.
Underground, there was darkness and bone-chilling coldness, as if he was close to hell, and then he was locked in a pitch-black box.
“This area, as well as the collapse area on the left and the deeper cavity area, are the most dangerous areas. Although we have been here many times, we have found nothing.” Minglun introduced.
It’s very strange here. More than 90% of the people here can’t see anything or discover anything. A few people can vaguely see strange circles after triggering certain unknown elements in the environment.
“A very few people may fall into it if they are unlucky.” Xianyue reminded.
Wang Xuan nodded. Darkness was nothing to him. This place was indeed strange. The space in front looked calm, but there were twisted nodes.
All because he has spiritual eyes and can see the most essential things.
He stepped forward and entered an area of ??extreme darkness, like a corner of a magic box that had been opened, deeper and colder than other places.
He scanned with his spiritual eyes and could naturally see through everything. A wisp of red substance overflowed from his fingertips and submerged into a corner of the dark void.
After the red substance submerged, there was light flowing. It was not the extraordinary factors injected by Wang Xuan that were burning, but a space vortex emerged.
It can be seen that it is a small group of special spaces, where old scenes from the past emerge. It is a small world of its own, and images from long ago flash past vaguely.
“You saw a strange circle so soon?” Xianyue was surprised, but after taking a closer look, there were no people in the infinite loop visible inside, only a broken spacecraft.
“It’s just a fragment, a special halo space.” Wang Xuan said.
Minglun let a robot enter the halo, and it walked directly through it. The halo seemed to be out of the world and incompatible with the main world.
Wang Xuan continued to move forward, staring at one special node after another, injecting red substance one after another, activating a large area underground, causing the place to