d Wang Xuan stood on the soil of fate.

However, at this moment, there was a terrifying fluctuation in the distance. It was so frightening, like a galaxy crashing in.
Although it was only a quick glance, this man actually gave people a sense of boundless oppression, like a hundred thousand mountains descending on people’s hearts, making people feel that their soul light was suppressed.
In an instant, the man disappeared again, and the surroundings were filled with fog and silence again.
/“He’s stopping me!” Wang Xuan’s heart skipped a beat. The man was so confident that he passed by in a flash, not afraid that he was holding a treasure in his hand.
/“The figure looks strange, I’ve never seen it before!” Jiang Qingyao whispered, the Zixiao Hedao sword in his hand glowed like a purple sun, dispersing the nearby black fog.
“Chi!” Suddenly, the Sword Fairy swung her sword, and the purple sword light shot up like a star, tearing the void and slashing to the right.
There was no human presence there, the fog was surging, and the super matter was undulating magnificently like a stormy wave crashing on the shore.
“Too fast, this person is terrifyingly strong, more powerful than the evil spirit of the Earth Immortal Dao Fruit!” Jiang Qingyao felt heavy. Although she was optimistic by nature, she could hardly smile.
At this time, news leaked to the outside world. Some of Qitian’s tribe were his old friends, and some were ordinary immortals recruited.
Under such circumstances, it was naturally impossible to keep it secret. After someone revealed it, the news spread to the ears of all parties as if it had wings.
“What, Wang Xuan killed the evil dragon? In this world, he killed a powerful earth immortal with his own hands? Did I hear that right? This world is too crazy!”
When the outside world got the news, they couldn’t believe that the Earth Immortal who represented the highest combat power in the real world could be slaughtered?
Immortals felt numb. After returning to the human world, many people could not even keep the Dao Fruit of Xiaoyaoyou, and they were far from being Earth Immortals.
“Yanyan, be careful of the evil spirit. This kind of creature is always restless. Today, Xiao Wang killed the earthly immortal level evil spirit that possessed Qitian.”
Even Demon Lord’s parents are contacting the outside world, exhorting their daughter Demon Lord, and warning several old friends.
“What are you talking about? Xiao Wang killed Qi Tian, ??no, he killed the extraordinary evil spirit in Qi Tian’s body?” Lao Zhang was no longer calm.
The Nether Blood Sect Ancestor was shocked and said: “I’ll go, the world has really changed. Wang Xuan is so strong that even the Earth Immortal can’t suppress him. Is he being harvested by him?”
Although they are all peerless immortals, they cannot discuss the future of the extraordinary world with Chao JueSi holding the treasure, and they are not with Fang Yuzhu and others.
Now everyone is in a trance, even the Demon Lord is stunned, as if he is listening to the heavenly book. This n