has the confidence to slash everything and split everything with the ring-headed knife in his hand!

It was as if Chu Weiyang hadn’t even started to take any action yet, but his thoughts had already penetrated Tianhe to the end at this moment.
/And thinking like this, Chu Weiyang turned his gaze back to the Qingwei Lei Qi itself.
Something that can seal or carry such great medicine from heaven and earth is not an ordinary thing. In the same place, when Chu Weiyang took out a jade bottle and sealed Qingwei Lei Qi in it, accompanied by Lei Qi. The bright light itself faded little by little, and when he looked again, the bright light of clear thunder was covered up, and a silver-gray material gradually emerged from it.
Almost immediately, Chu Weiyang raised his eyebrows.
It was a fragment of an ancient treasure. Because of its shape, it was too fragmented. Chu Weiyang could not see the full picture of this treasure in the past. It might be a lamp, a tripod or a chime, or even a thunder pool. corner of.
/The pits in the fragments of the ancient treasure were used as bowls by the sages of the past, and the supreme essence was encapsulated in it. This ensured that even in the years, its nature would not change and it would be nourishing. effect.
As Chu Weiyang, who had seen similar things more than once, he could also clearly see the roots of this ancient treasure fragment.
The fragments of the natal magic weapon of a great monk in the Golden Core Realm!
The hazy and ethereal Taoist meaning on it is as clear as the purple toad pill furnace seen in the past, as clear as the fragments of the water tank seen in the past.
The flawless and everlasting qualities, as well as the intertwined sense of decay and fragmentation over time, are truly profound memories that every monk can only see at a glance and will never forget for the rest of their lives.
And not only that, while feeling the hazy charm of the ancient treasure fragment that belonged to the natal magic weapon, Chu Weiyang also quickly identified the material of the ancient treasure fragment.
It was made by matching and smelting several kinds of supreme treasure materials that Chu Weiyang was already very familiar with.
Although the details were slightly different, Chu Weiyang felt the familiar refining method and the familiar characteristics of “the king can see the king”. Therefore, it was precisely because of this discovery that Chu Weiyang suddenly It dawned on me that the fragments of the ancient treasure in front of me might be the origin of the method of refining the supreme treasure.
It was on the basis of such a treasure that the sages of the Ancient Sage Sect adjusted every detail to make the refining method perfect, supreme and harmonious.
This also means that Chu Weiyang only needs to smelt the fragments of the ancient treasure and conduct a very slight combing, so that the treasure material itself and the refining material of the Huanshou Dao can reach an indistinguishable state.
Moreover, this is a material that a certain predecessor has